Ca't open file to write when saving tags

When saving tags I occasionally get an error message "File cannot be opened for writing". If I'm saving a whole CD's worth of files, for example, it will only happen with a few files. Some will write perfectly well.
The problem appears to be worse when trying to save folder art. Sometimes trying a second time it works OK, sometimes not. I'm using v3.08 but it has been happening with previous versions. Files are .flac. Any thoughts?

Do you save your files on your local internal harddrive or SSD?
Do you save it to a remote NAS over your network?

Maybe this topics can help you:


Thanks. I'm saving to an internal hard drive (not SSD). What's strange is that it only applies to some files in the relevant folder. Access permissions, ownership etc are the same for all files so I can't understand why it is only some that get flagged up as "cannot open file for writing" and only when I try and save the folder art - all the other tags are OK. The file plays OK so I assume it is not corrupted and I've checked and it's not open in any other programme. Furthermore sometimes (not always) if I close mp3tag and try again it works. Very frustrating!

Much more an indication that some other program (e.g. the ondrive synchronizer) tries to access the files at the same time. Esp. if you add covers then probably the padding isn't large enough, so the file has to be re-written. MP3tag copies the old an new data to a temporary file and when that file is to be moved ot the old file and the old file is now opened by an indexer or something then it could be that this causes the error message.


is no real reassurance. Check the files with one of the linked programs:

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Often background processes keep files locked.
I had some expeerience with AlbumArtDownloader, which sometimes locks 1 file in a directory. Since I found this reason for my problems in MP3Tag, I added a process kill in one of my defined tools in MP3tag for AlbumArtDownloader.

Since you mention Flac files:
Some latest versions of the Spotify player lock Flac files. Spotify, funnily enough, does not declare this to be a bug, but rather a necessary evil to quickly include local music files.

I use LockHunter to have a quick look at such files with a right-mouse-click and a selection in the content menue. LockHunter tells you which process locks the file.

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