Catalog Number with Traktor

Hi !
I've got the same problem as you.
I want to edit the CATALOGNUMBER in MP3Tag and be able to see it on Traktor as CATALOG NO
i'm on a mac version of MP3 tag
i created a new field named CATALOGNUMBER, i may insert it the %catalogid% but i never see it on traktor.
I also see that when you edit the value in traktor, i can't see the result on mp3tag. When looking at extended tag, nothing match

Then how do you solve on your way ??

hi again :slight_smile:

i've found the solution ! It works now
i've created the field (and done the same for traktor LABEL)
i've done an action who force the field catalognumber & label with %catalogid% and %publisher% found on discogs

Thanks for all this it helps me to see how mp3tag works & will buy the mac licence, :wink:

Hi everybody,
Just some precision about all i've sad before.It works very well with m4a files, but seems not with mp3.
I'm working on some mp3 files & i can't edit the catalognumber for Traktor
Still investigating but for the moment, only m4a works