Change Tags and Filenames without polish diacritical/accents marks

Hello i need to change name of all files and id3tags and replace special accents and characters ą ę ć ź ż ó and others shits to a e c z z o (Serato dj have problem with found files location with special accents)

Im found at forum a post with .mta files Unicode to ASCII and i add this to actions. Scripts dont gives a error but Change name and change tags is 0/23492349... files

Somebody can help me?

if that what you find does not meet your requirements, create yourself a new action of the type "Format value" for the field
Format string: $replace(%fieldname%,ą,a,ę,e,ć,c,ź,z)

Also, see this thread:

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Dont working :frowning:
You cannot create a file that already exists. Error
And mp3tag try to create file without name only .mp3

THe %fieldname% in my example stands for the field name and should be replaced with the real field name like %artist%, %title% etc.
It would be best if you replaced all the characters in the fields first and then rename the file from the tag fields. Otherwise it could be that you try to rename a file even though the name is still the same - which then leads to the observed behaviour.

Its possible to first change filenames and after tags? Not all music have id3tags

Make sure that you have a function call for the _FILENAME that looks like
If you have filenames and no tag data, I would seriously consider to import the original data from the filename first.

Yep im try this. This working :wink:

But change only FILENAMES titles and artist is still not changed.. Im need to change it in namesfile and id3tags(but not all mp3 have id3tags) If im add 2 more function to replace TITLE and ARTIST. Then all Time removing all ID3TAGS from my .mp3

You have to update your actions so that they do not show %fieldname% any more but a real field name.

Ahh okey, now working but copy title to nulled field(in this situation is ARTIST). :frowning: you have some ideas for fix? Thanks for helping :slight_smile:


Ah sorry im see bad :wink: need to change %_filename% to %title% and artist :wink: All working. Thanks for helping :wink:

If you work on data that is not there, then nothing happens.
Still, the lower 2 actions in the screendump still show an action that does not look as though it makes sense: you put the processed data from the filename into the field ARTIST and TITLE.
I would have expected that if you treat the data in ARTIST that you then want to replace all the characters from the field ARTIST and not _FILENAME.
The same applies to TITLE.
So please update the actions.

Yep this is my bad :wink: All working. Thanks for help

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