Changing directory to hard drive loads files from recycle bin

If a disk drive is the folder selected for loading into Mp3tag, audio files in the recycle bin are included.

For example: if "Change directory..." :mt_dir: is clicked and (W:) is selected, then all audio files are loaded, including those in the W drive's recycle bin.
As far as I can tell, the only thing Mp3tag allows for the files in the bin is "Remove".

It is probably inconvenient to reproduce by anyone with a large number of files on a every hard disk.
I discovered it by accident when using a "work" disk that had less than 2000 files.

This is not much of a problem, but it seems like undesired behaviour.

I've fixed this with Mp3tag v2.91a. Thanks for reporting!

It is true that files are no longer loaded from the recycle bin.
But now, no files are loaded.
I created a new bug report, here:No files are displayed when loading drive root directory

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