Changing separator for multiple values via "search & replace"

Till now I used the ";" as separator for multiple values and try to change it to "\" (resp. the binary code)

I experienced when I do it with a search & replace action - sometimes it works, sometimes it leaves "Artist 1\Artist 2" in the artist tag without really seperating it. In some cases mp3 tag crashed when I called "extended tags" ("erweiterte tags") via the menu.
If I type the "\" manually (or use the "split tag field"-option) it works again and always.

Is this "wanted behaviour" or a bug?
Why does the search and replace work in some cases and in some it doesn't..?.

Which MP3tag version do you use?

CHG: creating multiple fields using the multiple fields delimiter \\ via replace or other actions was not possible. (#52862)

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I use the (official) v3.06a

please use the most recent one (3.06h)

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Thanks! I just did after Your reply and it obviously works fine again! :slight_smile: Big thanks!