corrupted mp3 files

I have been using Mp3tag for quite some time without any trouble. Recently I was retagging a group of files. Later when trying to play the files that had been re-tagged I discovered that most of them were corrupt and would not play. All of the meta-information will not display for the damaged files in windows explorer. The files are stored on my hard drive and I have scanned the drive to make sure it is not a problem with that and it checks out fine.

I have read that if the first few lines of the file are damaged the mp3 won't play. Is there any way to fix this?

Please send me one of those files to my email address.

Did you get my email?

Yup, the file was corrupt but I can't see how Mp3tag can corrupt a file in this way.

Well, there is no doubt that it was the Mp3tag program that damaged the files. All of the damaged files had just been edited with Mp3tag. They were working before editing and they were corrupt after editing. No virus, no bad disk - just corrupt files. Fortunately I had backups of most of the files. If the files that were damaged had been edited in one batch it could have been just a freak thing. But there were several different groups of files that were edited at different times that were damaged.

Lesson: make sure files are all backed up before editing with this program.

Can you please provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce it? It would be good, if you can send me a undamaged file along with steps needed to damage it.