Delete entries in tag panel directory list

I was interested in reading this article, however, the page in the link could not be found.
I am looking for any workaround for deleting my accumulation of folders listed in my MP3Tag Directory.
Any assistance from you, Sebastian, or blackspawn, or anyone else, will be appreciated.

You may realize that the answer with the link is from 2005.
I would kindly ask you to do a new internet search for a tool that deletes empty folders.
I do not think that file system maintainance is a task for a tagging program.

If links are no more valid after 17 years(!) you can try to use the "internet archive wayback machine":

But I would also suggest (as @ohrenkino said) to google for a more up to date solution.

This is the solution to delete empty folders I use myself:

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Ohrenkino & Lyrics Lover - Thank you both for your input.
To clarify, I do not need to delete folders outside of Mp3tag.
I need to delete previously viewed folders that show up in the Directory field of Mp3tag.
See screenshot.
I was unsuccessful when I searched the internet for “how to delete folders in the Mp3tag Directory.
Again, I appreciate your help.

See e.g. here:

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Including the part:

Thank you, ohrenkino for the Shift+Del tip!
That is just what I needed.
It works. See screenshot (deleted BONNIE RAITT folder).
Screenshot after deleting 1 folder

Indeed, Shift+Del seems to delete the selected entry from the last 10 (max.) used folder name list in _DIRECTORY in the tag panel.

Good to know.

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I use this program as well. Lightweight and simple to use.

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I use "everything" to find and delete. As windows takes for ever to find anything, this can find as you type. Another freebee Q-Dir, also Bulk Rename. These four (inc mp3tag) free programs are my must have programs! Made by people that wanted to get stuff done with ease.

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