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Mamas and the Papas - Dedicated to the One I Love ARTIST - TITLE is not the worst offender, but gives you the idea of what's this request.
More than a few DISCOGS lookups have a bunch of crap in one line of the retrieved results (usually the Album column) that pushes all the results off the screen to the right.
It would be nice to have a way to set max column widths on the DISCOGS List of Search Results dialog box.


Google translate worked pretty well on that latest post.
I'm glad someone else noticed the issue.

Happens far too often. A tweak to handle this would be nice!

I've added an option to disable auto-sizing of columns in the search results list of tag sources with Mp3tag v3.05d.

Unchecking the Auto-size columns option from the context-menu of the column header of the results list then also preserves the manually adjusted column widths.

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Do you have any feedback on that? I would be interested in knowing if this improves the issue for y'all.

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So far I haven't had any problems with the long-awaited improvement.
Deactivating the automatic column width also has disadvantages in individual cases. However, the advantages far outweigh them.

I admit thar this cannot be regulated completely ideally, because different web sources have a very different number of columns. Sometimes you habe to narrow the width due to the high number of columns, which then leads to an unnecessarily restricted column width in a web source with only a few columns.

I am then inclined to switch to automatic for a moment, which unfortunately has the consequence that the next time it is called this setting has become the standard for all "non-automatic widths".
Without a permanently configurable fixed setting of the column width, this cannot be avoided.


It's great. Thanks a bunch.

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