Discogs Track number for Vinyl to MP3

As per previous posts, I try to convert 2-3 vinyl albums per day to MP3 for convenience. I've not done any for the last week or so as I've been away.

On my first conversion today, I went to tag and rename the files using MP3 Tag V 2.87c and for the first time, when I went to do the final rename step $num(%track%,2) - %title% - %artist%

the track numbers were all 00. Not what I wanted. Checking the bugs forum and elsewhere, I see a number of posts in German that refer to the problem that a lot of albums on discogs are actually cataloged as A1, A2... B1, B2 etc. after A-side and B-side. Discogs LP-Format für "Track" sortierbar machen

The album I'm dealing with today is Jobims 1967 Wave Antonio-Carlos-Jobim-Wave/release/3044240

Now, I've never had this problem before with MP3TAG, and really want to have my MP3 files named 01,02,03,04 etc. I know I could choose a release that is from say a CD that has all numeric track numbers, but I am trying to catalog on discogs the actual releases and name the MP3 etc.

So, is there a way using the convert function and either sort and name or sort and a variation of $replace(%track%,A,10,B,20) that would get a straight 01,02, through nn rather than side-A tracks as 11,12 and side-B as 21,22 etc.

or is this a bug?

I don't think so.
What data do you find in the field TRACK? A01, A02?
If that is so and you use $num(%track%,2) then you get always the result "0" as the leading "A" in A01 is no NUMber - and $num() converts a string into a number.
So you either could simply use
%track% - %title% - %artist%
to get the orginal numbering scheme with A01 etc.

Or use the track numbering wizard to remove the old numbers and get a sequence of plain numbers
or leave TRACK as it is but use
$num(%_counter%,2) - %title% - %artist%
which creates an ad hoc sequence of numbers for the selected files

Typically it is A1, A2... unless there are more than 9-tracks per side, in which case A10 etc. I do have a number of double album, in which case it's A1, B1, C1, D1 etc.

I fixed the track number sort in MP3TAG to correctly sort A1... An and then B1... Bn and then used the auto numbering tool. But would like to either have the behavior revert to what it did, or be able to resolve it using the convert function to reduce the number of steps and risk of error.

I am not sure what you mean by that.
Is it that you get "00" when you have no number but a string in TRACK that puzzles you? Then there is hardly any help but to remove the leading letters - best done with the track numbering wizard.

my point was, something has changed recently in MP3TAG that has caused the behavior for A1 to be converted to 00 instead of 1 which is used to be. I've never had this problem previously as far as I'm aware.

I'll install some older releases on a different machine to test this theory out.

If you believe me then this could save you a lot of time for testing:
The $num() function has never been different.
Since very early posts $num() has been used to get the number part, mostly in TRACK, see e.g. here:

And the result for the conversion of a non-number results in 0.

Perhaps as a test you could use
in the function Convert>tag-tag
as this has a preview.

I tested a single rack with discogs release 3351712

In MP3Tags V2.86 the track number as displayed in the Adjust tag information screen is 1
In MP3Tags V2.87a the track number as displayed in the Adjust tag information screen is 1
In In MP3Tags V2.87c the track number as displayed in the Adjust tag information screen is A1!

The attached demonstrates the source of the problem I have. @Florian may have introduced this change for other reasons, but it's having unintended consequences.


This was introduced with Mp3tag v2.87c

CHG: importing tags via Discogs tag source supports track numbers and disc numbers from Discogs. (#19744)

Previously, the Discogs tag source simply enumerated the tracks, making it impossible to import the actual track- and discnumbers from Discogs.

As a side-effect, tracknumbers from Vinyl releases are now imported differently. If you prefer normal tracknumbers, you can revert back to the previous Discogs tag source or use the auto-numbering wizard via Ctrl + K or some of the other suggestions from this topic to adjust the numbering.

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... or just use both.
Install MP3Tag 2.87b.
Go to %appdata%\MP3Tag\Data\Source in the explorer and rename "discogs.src" to "discogs_old.arc" or "discogs_vinyl.src" or any variation you like in order to keep the old web-source.
Then install 2.87c again.
Now you have 2 possibilities to call discogs.

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thats impractical, when discogs changes their API and @Florian updates, it would no longer work.

I've spent some time this morning looking at the scripting functions, and since I tag from discogs and then rename whole albums at a time, I can use Convert Tag/Filename with the following to get the result I need.

$num(%_counter%,2) - %title% - $trimright(%artist%)

As a follow-on, it will be interesting to see how the impact of this change lasts over time. How many music players will actually support sorting by track A1, B1, etc.?

It seems a particularly odd artifact of vinyl only music that tracks were numbered A1, B1 etc. and doesn't really map to digital music. I know for example, my 2013 Mercedes music player fails to sort with the track tag A1, B1 etc correctly. If the track name starts with 01 and the track tag is A1 it works but only as a function of the way the files are stored on the files system.

I'm also not sure about this. Maybe it would be good to somehow convert the A/B/C parts into discnumbers and use the remaining numbers as actual tracknumbers.

Obviously from a purely sorting process, simply changing A to 1, B to 2 for Side-1, Side-2 would work as suggested in the post I referenced in the original post.

I'll be back digitizing vinyl tomorrow, I have about 3,750 albums, so I'll be at it for the rest of my life. I'll look at how to also convert the track number tag back to purely sequential.

I can certainly see why some people would prefer to actually have A1, B1 format of track numbers. Sadly discogs creators don't stick to a specific format. Next in my stack to convert are:

https://www.discogs.com/Bill-Evans-Montreux-II/release/5769845 - that uses confusingly 1A, 2A, 1B...

If I were you @Florian since this was an intentional change, I'd leave as is and use the actual discogs track definition for the tag. I'll do some research of the discogs forum and see what is supposed to be used for vinyl track numbers. If it causes other problems later on, you can evaluate then.

In my use cases, it's always been complicated since I also digitize 8-track and cassette from time to time. :slight_smile:

And tapes. Do not forget tapes

I have some CAC concert bootlegs from 1980's converted to MP3's

99.99% of the time I have no need to sort out by a track number. But I did come up with such system, where for example
second physical disc, first side of it, third track from it
And I store it in the TRACK field

I can sort such "numbers" without a sweat- at least in Mp3tag. [But this system of mine is not suitable for every audio file format, as there might be issues with a non numeric characters]