Downloaded the new MP3tag- NO BOX FOR ALBUM COVERS?

I´ve used MP3tag for years have downloaded the new version MP3tag on windows 11,
where is the box to add album covers?
Help please with no technical jargon
I hope you can help
Thank you

Open the options Ctrl+O, select "Tag-Panel"
and tick the option to display the cover.

This box is already ticked, still NO BOX TO LOAD ALBUM PHOTOS
Thank you for your reply but
I still need this sorted please

For a start you could untick that box, restart MP3tag and tick it again.
And for further questions. please follow

So far I could not reproduce it.

Unfortunately that did not work

You could try this steps:

1.) Start Mp3tag on your Windows 11
2.) Press File -> Save configuration
3.) Copy your file to a safe place
4.) Deinstall Mp3tag
5.) Reboot your PC
6.) Install Mp3tag the newest v3.19 from here
7.) Copy the content of over all the existing files at the same place
8.) Start Mp3tag and check if the album cover "box" is visible again

Just to be sure:
You talk about this "box" on the lower left side of your Tag Panel, right?


No joy
thanks anyway,
I liked MP3tag
Guess that´s gone

What if you close Mp3tag and then rename your mp3tag.cfg to mp3tag.cfg.OLD and then restart Mp3tag?

You can find the file mp3tag.cfg if you press File -> Open configuration folder
(But please close Mp3tag before you rename the file in the above folder).

nope that did not work.
thanks anyway
fingers crossed someone will know why its not showing the Album photo box

A screendump of the whole tag panel would be nice.
And the request to follow the

was meant seriously.

I have NO Album photo box on the MP3tag using windows 11
It´s as simple as that
How can I be any more descriptive?

You are not very co-operative.
Usually, questions by participants in this forum who try to find a solution are not asked to keep you occupied but because information that may lead to a satisfying result is mssing.

So far, I have downloaded a new version of MP3tag and I do get a picture box. So how am I to reproduce your finding?
A good way is to start at the top and then dig down further and further into the environment.

Another thing: writing in capital letters is sometimes interpreted as yelling. I don't have to be yelled at to think about your problem. A solution will not come quicker or better due to text in bigger letters but with information in greater depth.

So: what was the result when you rename mp3tag.cfg?

I put ´´nope that did not work´. I tried it following the advice as best I can
I´m sorry I am not technically minded so write simply.

If anything I would say it´s a programming fault, but as I´ve said I´m not technically minded.

I´d like help in sorting this simple problem out if that´s possible

And your answer is @Abuelo ???

It did not result in a satisfatory out come, it is still the same there is no box for the Album photo

That is technically impossible, because renaming this file will result in a initial configuration including a visible cover/album art box.

Where exactly did you rename the file mp3tag.cfg?
In which complete path on your device?

I was informed to rename it in a folder, which I did when I opened the Mp3tag the problem was still no album box
As I said I am not technically minded so I follow the instructions the best I can

If you open this folder again (Menu File -> Open configuration folder), what is the file size of your mp3tag.cfg?

its saying 10KB
this box is asking for 20 charatures hope its enough to send this to you


And what do you see in Help -> About Mp3tag
especially on the right side after "Jan 27 2023 12:26:46"?
In my example it is:
(64-bit Portable)