Edited tags appear only within the MP3Tag app

When I edit tags within the app, everything looks fine:

But when I follow this instruction:

The result in a Windows 11 folder looks like this:

I suspect I'm missing something really basic, but I can't figure this out.
Thank you for your help!

In the old days the WIndows Explorer could not cope with ID3V2.4 tags - so which tag version do these files have?
If you are not sure, then please show us the screendump of the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) of a single file.

Those old days are long gone and haven't been revitalized for Windows 11 either.


You have both id3v1 and id3v2 tags. There are plenty of threads about this, you need to decide if you really need v1 at this point. I doubt it. I would get rid of them and then your other issues should be resolved.

OK, so no V2.4 tags. Good.
So far everything looks ok in respect to the tags.
But as the WE does not read them I would now check the files for integrity:

Thank you. This sounds promising but I'm getting in over my head. The only threads I can find on the subject are people complaining that it is not done automatically. I am willing to do it manually but am clueless as to how to proceed. Thank you.

Okay - I found this:

I did this:

Now the extended tags dialog looks like this:
Extended tags - after

Look at the dialogue title: it shows a bad tag header.
So now the only thing that might help is to check the files for integrity.

Thank you, ohrenkino.
I'll give it a shot.