[F] quick action field list no longer shows "TITLE"

howdy y'all,

os = win7, fully patched
mp3tag = 2.46d

if i do this in mp3tag ...

  • select an mp3 file
  • click the "actions (quick)" button
  • select action type "replace"
  • in the field list try to choose "title"

... there is no title field in the list. [grin] there is a "TITLESORT" but there aint no "TITLE". i can type in TITLE [and delete the auto-filled SORT] and proceed on and it will work. the field name simply doesn't show in the list.

not a big problem but a tad bothersome.

take care,

I don't even have "TITLESORT" but only "TITLE ARTIST".

Mp3tag 2.46d

Seems to be the case at all action's dropdown menus where you can choose a FIELD.
Also, in all those drop down menus, ALBUMARTIST is listed twice.


howdy y'all,

i presume this is related to the renaming of many of mp3tag's internal fields. i suspect there's gonna be an "e" version out rsn [Real Soon Now].

take care,

Yes, this was an issue with Mp3tag v2.46d which was really in Beta stage it seems. I'll try to fix most of the mess internally and will revert the list of tag fields to Mp3tag's default with the next beta.

Thanks for testing and reporting!

howdy Florian,

kool, dude! [grin] thanks for the feedback - and your nifty, lovely utility.

take care,

(V2.47a) TITLE still isn't listed only TITLESORT, so Op's problem isn't fixed yet.

howdy Mike_nl,

just checked in 2.47a and you're quite right. TITLE still aint there.

take care,

The same problem. :frowning:

The ONLY way for fix the problem is deleting the file
"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Datos de programa\Mp3tag\mp3tag.cfg" of course, with Mp3Tag closed.
Later, yes... open Mp3Tag and problem of Fields missing is fixed, but the price is lost all my config (settings)... so much work for set again Mp3Tag as to me like.

howdy Altobere,

my CFG file is in appdata\roaming, but it does show the problem. line 12 has the file extensions, then the field names - with TITLE missing - and some other stuff. hopefully florian can find a way to fix this without losing our settings. perhaps a way to patch just the file?

take care,

Yes, understand... unfortunately I tired and deleted my cfg file... and open my Mp3Tag again, and make my own settings again. :frowning: I wait for a fix for this problem.

Well how on earth can such an important field as TITLE just disappear?

I respect Florian for his hard work, and the fact that we're using it free leaves no room to complain.
And I realize the background technical aspect of the software is much more complex than what we see, the user interface.
So he must have had thousands of lines codes to work with.

But given that, all that work, all the great functions, improvements etc for years,
and then the most basic element just goes missing.
I don't mind/care if some experimental new function doesn't work properly, it's an alpha version after all.
But most people use it for simple renaming. I'm sure 90% of the people can't do anything now, until it's fixed.
I've written around 30 scripts by now that aid my work and 99 percent of them fiddle with ARTIST and TITLE fields finding patterns. that's what the software is for. now all of them useless

Anyway I didn't mean to rant or diss, I'm just simply REALLY curious how something can go missing?

Btw the own menu for actions is a G R E A T new feature, I love it, really makes working in it easier!

TITLE only disappeared from the drop down list (you can still type it in) - no existing script has become useless.

Thanks dano for the reply!
I realized it soon after - the thing is, for relatively new users it will create a problem. you and I, we know what to type in, those who don't write any scripts just want to replace a few things every now and then, it might.
But then again, this is alpha version so it's for finding bugs and testing it, not really for them to use.
So I agree, it's not a big deal:)

Was just wondering what caused it to just disappear! I'm curious of his workflow I mean how did he manage to delete it and not putting back in in 2 consecutive alpha versions.
Not like I mind! Just being curious:)


howdy Tarc,

from the info in the post by Altobere, it seems likely the problem will NOT be seen by new users. the prob seems to vanish if one forces the util to regenerate the CFG file. i suspect that the prob is related to updates - perhaps only to updates on the beta channel - and that new installs will not have the problem.

take care,

You're probably right if a fresh install will fix it.
I'm not sure how many people use mp3tag worldwide but in a month or 2 till it's fixed, we may gain a few dozen more people, while hundreds/thousands already use it, who -when updating it- will have trouble. So much more people will have trouble than those who don't (the new people).
But I guess it's more the developer's worry

This bug was with Mp3tag v2.47d Development Build and will not affect users who haven't installed this version or new users.

However, I'm currently working on means for resetting the list of tag fields.

howdy Florian,

kool! [grin] thanks for the info ...

take care,

Please see Mp3tag v2.47b released.