Finding duplicate tracks and removing/isolating them?

I'm looking to quickly view tracks with same title, per say, then either exporting/removing form view so I can delete/copy them from their current directory.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Lemme try make more sense:

  • Find and show duplicate tracks
  • Export these to another list
  • Remove/hide tracks from view
  • Delete the new versions

I guess I'm asking how to do a couple related things :slight_smile:

See this thread on the general approach:

I've taken a cursory look at the thread. Looks like I need to be using another program outside of mp3tag?

As MP3tag does not compare the contents of 2 files, you can use only sorting to get similar titles close to each other.
From then on you have to scan through the list manually.
MP3tag cannot supply a list of files that shows only similar files in respect to a certain criterion.

I linked the thread as it also links to a more general discussion about the sensibility to delete alleged duplicates.
AFAI can tell, a removal based only on the data in TITLE is probably never enough - you need something like an acoustic fingerprint.

The easiest way to get files that may be the same is probably to try to move/rename them based on the tag data.
Every file that already exists will lead to an error message and these files may need a closer look.
This still leaves out whether it is sensible to tear apart compilations or soundtracks or best of or live albums. Or to remove the single release from the EP and just leave all the other versions, yet, delete the file after which the EP was named ...

OK, I'm think I'm better understanding the complexity of my question; so I'll try explaining my use case.

I use mp3tag to manage genres for DJing music and I ingest new music via Spotify. So you can see the problem arises when always downloading music from Spotify playlists will leed to deuplicates if one has already downloaded in the past (without realising).

I wish to keep track of what songs I have downloaded (eg mp3tag3) and what new music I should grab from my playlists. Maybe this is beyond the forums yet I hope the context leads to a more fruitful discussion.

P.S mp3tag is already immensely helpful for managing genres. I currently use iTunes/Music to view all music, but Traktor for actual playing/DJing.

If you follow a constant naming scheme, then any already existing file should lead to an error message.
Also, I think that iTunes has a function to show (alleged) duplicates...

It does do this, and it works very well too.

In iTunes, File>Library>Show Duplicate Items will get you to the first level. At the top of the list that show up, it will be highlighted on All. This shows all songs (exactly the same title) by (exactly) the same artist that exist in your library, but this isn't as helpful since often an artist will release the same title on a different album, or remaster. So if you select beside that the filter for Same Album, It will add that layer and essentially show only true duplicates.

I use this myself as it it truly the easiest way to find duplicates, if you have iTunes as one of your players.

I do use iTunes to centralise my library. However, as far as I'm aware, it only removes from iTunes, not delete the file?

I guess I can deal with iTunes loose matching method for now. Been trying to learn the Similarity software recommended in the linked thread.

my Itunes also asks whether I want to delete the files also from the file system.

Still, if you have a list in iTunes, you can drag&drop it in/to MP3tag and treat the files there.

Yeah I thought it should've too. I'll see what it does when I next find a duplicate and try delete it.

Files can be deleted from mp3tag???

I think, a look at the documentation would be useful:

Both work, whichever way you prefer.

I'm pretty sure my file naming structures are a little different, so probably need some fuzzy matching.

This is what my iTunes/Music says when deleting a song:

So no option to actually delete the file.

Different from what?
If you have not yet applied a consistent naming scheme, this may be a first step.
If you need the original name (for whatever purposes) then copy that to a user-defined field.
Once done, rename all the files with Converter>Tag-Filename and something like
Format string: %artist% - %title%_
If you already get warnings that a file could not be renamed then this indicates a duplicate.
You can then filter for all the files that do not have an underscore as they could not be renamed.

Or: have you tried to drag&drop files from iTunes duplicates list?
In MP3tag you can delete files from the file system.

The joys of having Apple protect you on a Mac.:yum:

Try here for your version of MacOS and Music app.

Well, my convention applied to my file management is a little different to what gets exported from Spotify (ie. the playlists).

This great idea worked, yet now I'm left with empty directories!

Atleast I don't get crashes :stuck_out_tongue:

You linked to an article for handling playlists though?

There were a few hits from a quick search that Apple had showing support for how to delete files. But it does seem to be able to be done from within their Music app on MacOS. Even from within playlists, which seems to be what the Duplicates filter behaves like.

touchΓ© :rofl:

You mean I gotta do it from the terminal?

It'd be nice if I can easily compare two csv (ie. playlists or track lists) to see what is missing (and duplicates) and grab such tracks. Tempted to write the program/script myself, but that's for another day!