Flle names do not show in MP Player

My downloaded audio book does not have chapter names. I typed in the names of the chapters in my MP3Tag. The names show in Windows Explorer but NOT in Windows Media Player and NOT in my MP# Player.
Can I fix this?

see this thread:

(and make a backup of the file first)

The files are MP3 not MP4. I right clicked to remove tag. The results were the same. The changed (renamed) chapter show in Windows Explorer and of course MP3tag BUT NOT in Windows Media Player and not in NOT on the MP3 Player,
So MP3tag is no better than renaming in Explorer. I guess I should have tried it before donating.

You talked about an audio book with chapters. This feature is usually only available for m4a files.
Now that I have to rely on your information that you have mp3 files:
Which tag fields have you filled?
Which information have you got in the filenames?
Which tag versions are supported by the mp3 player?

As I'm reading it here, @ohrenkino interpreted your mention of "chapter" different than you've meant it. Some file types have the concept of chapter, which refers to the internal structure of the file's metadata. This is not what we're taking about here :slight_smile:

Regarding Windows Media Player: I'm struggling to use this software and really have no idea how people can use this effectively. What I've read here on the forums is, that it can help to remove the files from WMP and re-add them, so that it picks up the tag differences. Also, use ID3v2.3 at "Options > Tags > Mpeg" and save the tags, because WMP still seems to have difficulties in supporting ID3v2.4.

I've sent a refund of your donation.

This is beyond my understanding at this point, I just want to be able to see titles in my MP3 Player. Is there an MP3 Player and a desktop music player that you recommend that will work with MP3 Tag?

And have you filled the tag field TITLE?
Please do not confuse the filename with the tag field.
If you have currently only modified the filename, then MP3tag can help you to transfer that information to tag fields.