Has my Windows icon cache been updated to display the new icon?

I have a problem with this how-to:

Is the desktop icon also applicable to the Windows 10's Taskbar icon of a Mp3tag pinned to that Taskbar of the OS?


1] I do not see the difference between the icons

2] I do not remember the look of the old icon in its desktop version [as I do not put on my desktop anything of value]

3] That solution did not work for me [because I have some Registry tweaks implemented]

4] @Florian forgot to change or did not change on purpose the miniaturized version of the icon [i.e. the one visible on the Taskbar]

Which of the above is it then?

Maybe someone could post a visual comparison of the new and of the old icon so that there would be no room for guessing?

Great idea. Also confused.




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The problem is size- it is so tiny on the Taskbar, that I could not tell the difference until scaling down in Photoshop these pasted in above images to the size of my icon

From left to right are: old, mine, new:


And that mine looks more like that supposed new one

But then again: the colors of the square in mine look quite different from the square in both old and new one

So, do you see a difference? Has the cache been updated?

Based on this comparison

I do see a difference. But only the middle one is a "real" icon - i.e. a screenshot from my Taskbar, while the rest are scaled down images

It's the new one :raised_hands: It's how the icon looks in this size.

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