Help with changing FLAC field name, please.


We have 50,000+ FLAC files for which we may choose to change the name of several fields while keeping the values the same. I've looked as far as I can but I cannot find an action item or other means to automate this process. For example, we may wish to change ORGANIZATION to LABEL or PUBLISHER. Of course, to do this, the values should stay the same. Here's a simple example:


ORGANIZATION=Red House Records


LABEL=Red House Records

Can someone tell us how to do that? I looked at all the action item and action group dialog but could not find anything that does what we need.



There's no way in Mp3tag to directly change the name of a field. You have to copy the value to the new field, then delete the old one.

Something to be aware of, however, is that Mp3tag maps the vorbis field name ORGANIZATION to its internal field name of PUBLISHER. Because of this mapping, I don't believe you could address a field with the actual name of PUBLISHER. You could use LABEL, however.

Create an action group containing two actions:

Action type: Format value
Field: LABEL
Format string: %publisher%

Action type: Remove fields
Fields to remove: PUBLISHER

To save yourself a lot of confusion and to be able to read and write PUBLISHER, you would probably be best off deleting the mapping in the Options (Tools >Options > Tags > Mapping). Then your action group would like this:

Action type: Format value
Field: LABEL
Format string: %organization%

Action type: Remove fields
Fields to remove: ORGANIZATION

See this recent post I posted on how to swap fields. Luckily their the same ones so no modification is needed. Test on one file first as always. But I assure you it does work fine :slight_smile:

after compter froze, all my albums label fildname changed to organization

EDIT: Filter [F3] out first using:
%publisher% MISSING AND %organization% PRESENT

Unless I'm reading the OP incorrectly, he isn't swapping two fields, he's renaming just one.

It doesn't look like the swap trick can be used to rename a field. If I try to use %dummy% or a non-existent field in the source format, I end up with a blank field. (Something I've never seen before with Mp3tag, so it may be a bug.)

As an example, if I attempt to use the following to rename the TITLE field, it copies TITLE to NEWNAME, but then TITLE becomes blank instead of being removed.

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %title%~%dummy%
Guessing pattern: %newname%~%title%

A tag-field can be renamed in the dialog "Extended tags...".

But I do not know how it affects onto tag-field mapping. Should be tested.

Also ... this works for me ...

Actiontype 7: Import tag fields (guess values)

Source format __: %TITLE%+++%DUMMY%
Guessing pattern: %TITLE_NEW%+++%TITLE%


Just as a note. See here.