Hovering over a tag field should display whole data from this tag

I often find myself having to grab the vertically placed Tag Panel by its right edge and extend it, so that I can see the truncated long content of a given tag field. I also constantly have to expand the size of a column because of the same reason - and very often I need to revert right back to its [more or less] previous width. And all of this is done by hand, which is of course tedious and annoying

I already have proposed some solution [e.g. REQUEST: Change Tag Panel size with a simple double click, Request: customize column profiles] but now I have a new idea that wold both alleviate those issues and improve the overall user-friendliness of Mp3tag

And so: if the user could just hover with a pointer over a tag field, be it in the Tag Panel or in a Column, and almost immediately see its content displayed in form of a pop-up, then there would be no need to manipulate the widths to read the whole data from any tag

In my opinion such feature should:

  • be optional
  • be turned on by default
  • give the user ability to configure the delay in milliseconds
  • maybe give the user ability to configure the colors used
  • display single tag for a tag field in Tag Panel
  • display multiple tags for a tag field / file in main window [after being configured by user]

This last suggestions comes out from my experience with filemanager FreeCommander. In it hovering on multimedia file will show info like ARTIST and _LENGTH - but I do not know if this can be configured, as I do not relay on this feature. But I do now that at the bottom of FreeCommander the user can adjust the displayed info - which allowed me to please me both in terms of information that is presented to me and the visual form of it [although this info there has nothing to do with tag fields data]

see also this more or less diametrally opposite suggestion:

PS: I usually do not make comments on the spelling in posts. I am no native speaker of English and make my fair number of mistakes and therefore depend on the tolerance of the readers.
But this time, I think that

is not right as it means to use a vacuum cleaner.
I doubt that hoovering a tag field would be beneficial regardless whether it shows the whole data or not.
I think that the better term would be "hovering" as in "hovercraft" or "hoverfly".

Having foreseen such opposite views, I gladly added the


This is all fault of that goddamn Hoover Damn world wonder from the first Civilization game

As being a kid I first learned in English [through fun] to build the "hoover" and not to just "hover" [later on in class] thus I will mix these two probably until I die

[I just corrected my original spelling]

I'm confused. When I hover over a field that is truncated, I get a popup that shows the full field info.

Isn't that what the OP is asking for?

Again, I clearly am confused. Educate me!

I think there is a length limit.
Either it is 80 or 256 characters, you know, one of these computer numbers.
Also, if a field has line breaks then only the text up to the first line break is displayed.
Apparently, the OP wants to see more.

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Thank you for the quick response. I knew I was missing something.

My mistake

I remember seeing the popups sometimes and sometimes not. I assumed that it was somehow a part of Windows behavior that partially is present in Mp3tag. I got confused and did not explore this enough

However some of the sub-featured that I listed are still valid. And on top of that I noticed two things:

  • while running the Dark Mode, the pop-ups in main window are dark - but in Tag Panel they have white background
  • in the Tag Panel a very long data exceeding the width of a pop-up is moved to the next line [creating multiline] - but in the main window the pop-up just go off screen thus for the user the data in it is still truncated

And in regard to that last issue, if this whole feature was to become configurable, then the user should be:

  • allow to set the max width of the pop-up [because a very long data on a widescreen monitor might be more pleasing to read more in a form of a square than a veeeery long / thin ractangle