How to Remove Lyrics data showing. Please Help


I have installed a software called Media info from here (MediaInfo)

After editing data from MP3. It is still showing website name in the Lyrics Tab. please find attached screenshot of media info.

After going through forum I created a lyrics column having %unsyncedlyrics%, but it shows empty. Please find attached screenshot of MP3tag.

I want to remove the website name from song. what should I do?

If it's just for a few songs, have you tried to mark those songs and press Alt-t. You can then delete/edit all tags.

Isn't this similar to this thread?


Last time it was APE tag that was creating problem. after removing APE tag from song my problem was solved by now. even after removing APE Tag it still showing the data in media info.

Last time you also got the hint to have a look at the extended tags dialogue ... and this time also:


It is not showing any lyrics Tab.

You could cut and paste the tag data and see if unsupported tag fields are then removed. (you should have read and delete enabled for all tag versions in File>Options>tags>Mpeg)

Otherwise: check the file for consistency with these tools

and see if there is anything suspicious

and if all this does not help, please provide a sample file.

When I written the data on the tab. 12345678 it then shows ahead of the website name.

I donot able to make much from mp3 diags.

It seems to be a SYLT frame (synchronized lyrics) which is not supported by Mp3tag.

MP3diags reports a frame "SYLT" - which is not supported by MP3tag.
Yet, I just downloaded 01 Aakhir Tumkhein Aana - and that has no SYLT frame in it....
I also tried "Ho Jata..." and that also features only UNSYNCEDLYRICS - which is supported.
So I cannot test, whether SYLT gets removed or not.

Thank you both of you Florian and Ohrenkino.

So is there any way to overwrite that synchronized lyrics or remove them by the help of some software or manually by any sort of command.

Does MP3diags can do it.? I never tried that software.

Please guide. I have more than 1000 songs having same problem. Thanks

Have you tried this?

Thanks Ohrenkino. I leaned a new thing.

It worked.

but how to apply the same for so many songs.

C&P does not only work for 1 file. It works for all marked files in the column-window.

Thanks poster for the info. does it works good.

(I have a doubt whether doing this thing mixes up tags to other mp3)

Does it recognizes from which mp3 it was cutted and to which mp3 it is pasting again.

Eg: if i took 10 mp3 songs and select them and use tag cut. and then after cutting i use tag paste. what are the chances it is going to paste to the same mp3 from where it was cut. as the tag information is on clipboard.

Please guide.

100%. Just try it. If you want to be sure 200%, create a copy of 10 songs and try it with this subset of songs. :wink:

Thank you all for your quick and effective support.

I will just give it a try and will post my reply after it.

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