I can't edit song track length

Is there a way of manually updating the song track length?
So far whatever I try is non-editable.

If this is not available, I would like to request this feature


If you have files that show not the length that you expect or no length at all, then check the files for consistency.

Thanks. After I posted. I found it in the forum Song Length Format.

I didn't explain what I meant correctly. Which is my error

The metadata for a song length shows 5:15, The actual length is 5:11.
If I go to length on Mp3tag this is not editable when left clicked.
I hope that clarified That I want to change this manually to 5:11

I'm going to see if the programs that you have posted give me the desired results that I am looking to do.

Thanks for your fast reply to the issue.

The length is a property that the ripper sets.
MP3tag edits only tags that can be added to files.
How do you know that a file has a different length?
Which length do you see in other programs?

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