I save my edits to my tags and they don't change, no idea why...?

That is a screenshot of me editing a tag before I press save.

So if i edit one of the tags after selecting a piece of music, then press Save, it reverts back to it's old title and I cannot change it. This happens with all the tags of all the pieces.

Here's are screenshots of my tag settings:image


You have to select the files in the grid area and then edit them. From your screenshot it looks like the files are not selected. I think this might be causing your issue.

It looks like the item Moments Musicaux 4 has been selected but is unfocused due to the field in the Tag Panel being focused, though yeah it can happen where if nothing is selected changes aren't saved.

Just a guess but it may be due to the duplicate Title, Artist, etc fields in your Tag Panel. I know a number of users encountered duplicate default fields after upgrading to Mp3Tag 2.8x (IIRC). Possibly Mp3Tag is prioritizing the contents of the duplicate default fields further down which haven't been changed?

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Exactly this. @Classical, please remove the duplicates at "Options > Tag Panel".

Hey Florain. Sorry, but these duplicates I have are back uped files. I have an SD card, SSD, and my laptop where each storage contains the same files. Even when I only select my laptop music folder as my directory, without the SD card and SSD plugged in, I still am unable to edit files and save them in the Sidebar on the left.

Also this is my duplicates options in the settings:

I don't really understand what you mean by removing the duplicates.

Thank you for all the help so far nonetheless!

If you look at the list of the tag panel fields, you see a number of fields twice, one more to the top of the list, the other further down (I seetwice e.g. Title, Artist, Album, Year, Track).
But there can only be one entry for each field. Otherwise, the probably empty one will be saved.
So please check the list of fields in the tag panel and delete one of each pair so that there are no duplicates any more.

You can delete everything below &Directory by selecting the entry and choosing the delete button :x: next to the list.

Thank you so much! It worked! Mp3tag is the best. Thank again, I appreciate it so much!

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