is it possible to extract multiple cover art ?


great tool this mp3tag.
is it possible to extract the cover art from multiple mp3 files into a directory with the naming: %artist%-%album%.jpg

the only thing i can do now is select every mp3 seperatly and go to the tags... and extract cover art. this is very time consuming.

is there a better way to do this?


Currently MP3Tag only supports importing art via the actions dialog, not exporting.

If enough people are looking for a feature, Florian may add it to the wish list.

thanks for the reply,

i hope it will be integrated into mp3tag.
i found a program "the godfather" (also a mp3 tagger) who could do this.


I use The Godfather, when I cant do something in Mp3Tag.
The Godfather is great for Cover-art.

Good idea,
extract multiple cover art would be useful to me too. :slight_smile:

I've added a new action type Export cover to file with the current Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Once again, you rock.

Where is this feature located? I downloaded the newest version 2.37b and I dont see where the cover can be exported. When I go to File -> Export there isnt a selection to Export the cover. All I have found what was available in previous editions. That when selecting View -> Extended Tags you have the ability to save the cover but not export it?

Just press Alt+5 to create an action or Ctrl+Alt+5 for a quick action and choose "Export cover to file"

When you click on :mt_save: you can export the cover.

Yes I see it as an available "Action" Thank you :slight_smile:

I have the same question ... I am trying to do 2 things ...

Windows Media Player screwed up my "folder.jpg" files. I am trying to do a bulk extraction to fix them ...

I can manually go in to extended tags, click the floppy disk "Extract cover...", a save as dialog with "folder.jpg" as the default filename will pop up and I can save it, and then move to the next file ...

I want to automate this or do it in a big ass batch ... with close to 1000 albums it is taking forever by hand.

The second part is that I want to do the same thing but create files using a string to name the file.

I tried doing the action as listed above with the string %band% - %album% and I got a 0KB file with the correct name ...

again, I want to do this in bulk.

Create an action group 'Export cover'.
Create following action:
Action #1:
Action type: Export cover to file
Format string for image filename: $validate($trim(%BAND%)' - '$trim(%ALBUM%),%DUMMY%)

Try this first with one file and check if it has done what you want.
If ok, then run this action against the selected files.


This worked beautifully. It did in 30 sec what it has taken 3 hours to get half way through ... How would I get it to do it with the file name folder? replace the strings with "folder"?

And how does it works, if it should write only one picture per album?

Hmmm, one picture per album works, if each file contain only one picture (Mp3tag v2.37d).

Well, for other cases, I don't know.
I think that the cover area of Mp3Tag needs a litle bit more brain grease, it is not well formed yet.

Running an action like this from above against files which have 4 pictures embedded there was following result:
Robby Ameen.Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums.jpg
Robby Ameen(1).jpg
Robby Ameen(2).jpg
Robby Ameen(3).jpg

Only the first file is proper named.
The following files are numbered as expected, but let missing the %ALBUM% field.


It will create a file for each track you have selected, so if you select say a whole album you will get multiple art files. The trick I used was to sort by Track Number and then select all of the 1s. I got one art file in each folder containing tracks. Of course I have all of mine organized with full tags ...

This works great. How does one add a path to this action to place all covers in one folder? Thanks ...

Just prepend the given format string with the proper folder path, e. g.
X:\FOLDER$validate($trim(%BAND%) - $trim(%ALBUM%),)

Make sure to assemble unique file pathnames to avoid collision due to duplicate file pathnames.


Thanks did try this numerous times this AM with success but it does work now ... Thanks ...

A suggestion: It would be nice if we could import/export from/to the (numbered) image types in a file, i.e., only update the front cover (3). Or store an extra back cover (4).

Here’s a list (as far as I know about the numbers, all as hex byte code):

  • 00: Other
  • 01: 32x32 pixel 'file icon' (PNG only)
  • 02: Other file icon
  • 03: Cover (front)
  • 04: Cover (back)
  • 05: Leaflet page
  • 06: Media (i.e., label side of CD)
  • 07: Lead artist/lead performer/soloist
  • 08: Artist/performer
  • 09: Conductor
  • 0a: Band/orchestra
  • 0b: Composer
  • 0c: Lyricist/text writer
  • 0d: Recording Location
  • 0e: During recording
  • 0f: During performance
  • 10: Movie/video screen capture
  • 11: A bright coloured fish (whatever that is for …)
  • 12: Illustration
  • 13: Band/artist Logotype
  • 14: Publisher/Studio Logotype
Of course it might also be nice to be able to set/read the image description (max. 64 characters/image).

EDIT: All done in v2.42 – Thanks, Florian!


Florian ... wonderful work. Best tagger out there. This is a double edged sword, though, because if mp3tag doenst have a feature it really hurts as you wont find it elsewhere :slight_smile:

Now about Moonbase's question/request...

I cant seem to find a way to import into a specific cover location. you know, like if i have Back covers in each album folder , is it possible to import them into "Cover (Back)"?

Thanks for a great product (you must get tired of reading/hearing that)