Issues with displaying tags for some high res formats

Hi, thanks for the awesome program.
I am having some issues with some high res formats that I have purchased.

  1. .m4a tag says(mp4, MPEG-4 ALAC, bit=3269, freq=9600, mode=2
    issue is meta tags won't aren't read in Microsoft programs, WMP, MP, file explorer

  2. .flac (version1.3.2 2017, bit=3122, freq=9600, mode=stereo
    ussue is meta tags won't read in Microsoft programs, WMP, MP, file explorer.

I was able to redownload #2 and then it worked fine, so I think it was the editing that actually messed it up somehow, and now can't correct it. Not sure why not...

I would be okay to upload a sample if you were interested, just PM me.

PS, I have lots of other .m4a which are not HD files, and they work fine in the formats mentioned.


I have many hi res FLAC and m4a files at 24 bit and 96kHz, 176.4kHz, and 192kHz that all edit fine with mp3tag, and display in Win10.

AFAIK WMP is not able to play FLAC files, but I could be wrong. Certainly it could not when it mattered to me. Explorer should easily show both formats, but it may have some limits on the metadata that can be shown in the details columns.

What other programs are you using to manage and play these music files?

But what about 32 bit files? (nevermind, they aren't 32 bit, I checked with a different app)
BTW I am not using any other software besides MP3tag, VLC (for playback), and the mentioned WMP, WP, and previously Groove.
So, if it's not that then possibly a corrupted tag or file? But they read fine in MP3tag.

For FLAC see e.g. this topic:

I would check the mp4 files with Foobar2000.

And what would I check with Foobar2000? MP3tag shows everything fine.

So far you have used only Microsoft software to see or not see the tags.
Foobar2000 would be a player that supports a lot of formats - so if that player shows the tags as expected, I would book the whole affair down as Microsoft issue.

if there are problems with the files, then Foobar has some tools/utilities built in to check files for integrity.

See. e.g. here:

shows 32 bit in VLC, but not in some other players (Resonic)

OK, if you use your own test methods, fine.
And if MP3tag shows everything the way you expect it, even better.
If your players have problems, then I would investigate what their requirements are.

My issue is the same as shown in that thread. I think the cause sounds the same, too. But I tried his fix (ctrl-x) cut metadata, saved. Then I entered new data and saved. No changes.

You can add a column in mp3tag and use the value %_bitspersample% to display what the bit depth is for your files and %_samplerate% to show the sample rates. I wouldn't depend on what Windows is showing there, as you have seen how dependable (not) that is.

Yes I do have a few 32-bit sampler files, and these work fine when edited in mp3tag as well. So I don't think this is the cause of the problem you are seeing.

Ok, well thanks for your help. I suspect these files were simply corrupted and now mp3tag can't fully remove/fix the tag.
Side note, I really wish that this would work together with Microsoft products regards who's problem it is.
Now, with Mediaplayer, FileExplorer now regular mp3's that were showing fine up until recently are now not working as well.
Even freshly generated mp3's won't show tags in Microsoft Win11.. Are you guys not seeing this?

No issues for me with any audio file formats on win10 or Win 11. But as I mentioned before, I have not used WMP for many years. Tag editing is done with mp3tag, I have both MusicBee and iTunes installed and in use as players, and Asset UPnP for handling music server duties. All conversion and CD ripping is done with dBpoweramp as well. So plenty of programs in use without issues.

Ok so you haven't even tested any of my issues.
Will keep searching then, I see this is the wrong place to discuss Microsft issues with mp3tags.

Looks like a new topic to me. So please open a new one.
Could you please supply much more information along the lines of this post?

Indeed. This is the forum to dicuss the features of MP3tag but not general mp3 tags. Esp. when it looks like Microsoft problems, then Microsoft would be the right one to address. Adding tags to programs usually does not add features to players.

Quite the opposite actually. I have confirmed for you that everything that mp3tag is supposed to be doing is being done. The fact that the issues you are seeing in MS are either specific to that software, or down to an individual symptom in your environment.

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