Mass Edits


Any one know how <_< to change all the Band tags in one go to be the same as the artist, or better still to just change them if they are blank?

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As always, you can use an action for this :slight_smile:

Action #1:
Action type: Format value
Field: BAND
Formatstring: %artist%

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~ Florian

Edit: You can edit the BAND field also via the extended tag dialog at :mt_tag: View > Tags... but I guess you are looking for an automated way.


:smiley: Many thanks, please ignore my other post I wasn't sure if this one would be seen. I would imagine this will be a popular question once Media Centre use goes up as Band, which it uses, doesn't seem to be supported by many of the other rippers.


Awesome, thanks for this one, with a libray in excess of 10000 tracks i wasn't relishing the idea of doing it manually.


Is it possible to add the BAND field to the tag panel?


See Options > Tag panel


Thanks, works great :slight_smile: