MP3 + CDG support for cdg file rename

I've used this program for years, by far the best.
I use it to change the info on MP3 + CDG files but have to manually go into the CDG file to rename it, is there a way to include the CDG file while file renaming by acripting or other, it would be awesome to have the ability to work on these files together, theres lots of Karaoke people out there who like me would love this function.

Maybe this topic can help you:

Are you sure, that the CDG-rename function isn't already there:

And this should also work for WMA and CDG:

Just tested and it works:
To refresh the File List entries, I just pressed F5 after renaming the *.mp3 and the *.cdg was renamed automatically.

And also for FLAC:
[2021-03-15] NEW: CDG files are now also moved and copied with corresponding MP3, WMA, and FLAC files. (#51944)
(from the changelog)

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Yep, you are right:
The new adjusted test AniGif for FLAC, MP3 and WMA and *.cdg files.
After pressing F5 we can see the automatically renamed *.cdg for the 3 formats.

Just for the record:
The automatic renaming function also works for *.lrc files (together with MP3 and FLAC):