Mp3tag deleted all of my video files!

I was embedding a bunch of my movies when after I was done I selected all of them in mp3tag and right clicked and pressed the delete option and when I went back to check the folder they were in they all were gone!!! I checked the recycling bin and they aren't there?!!!!

Using DELETE in Mp3tag has aways deleted the selected files from the folder.
As the help explains

you can activate a warning message in options.

Or do you complain, that the files are not deleted into the recycle bin?

Mp3tags warns prior to deleting.
With very large video files, windows will not move them to the recycle bin, but warns further that this cannot be done.
You would have to click through both warnings before your files would be gone, forever.

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... and there is an OS option as property of the recycle bin: "Show dialogue to confirm the deletion of files" ... perhaps you have switched that off.

I would say that this describes that you deleted all the selected files - not MP3tag.

It didn't give me any warnings at all.

You have now been give a number of hints where to look:
Mp3tag messages,
OS settings for recycle bin properties.
Unless you give a report what these settings look like, it is not very likely that the ideas will go beyond that.
See e.g. here:

This is the default settings that I have never messed with.

and what about the settings for the recycle bin in Windows?

I just found out that mp3tag not only deleted the video files in my folder but it deleted the video files in a folder within that folder!!!!

The settings show that you do not get a confirmation dialogue when deleting files.
Were the files on a network drive?

No, the files were in a folder titled TV & Films on my Download system folder.

I just did a test delete of a video files in Mp3tag and it asked me if I was sure I wanted to delete the file which I selected yes, then I went to my recycling bin and the file was there. What the fuck is going on with this program?!!!!!!

So MP3tag is behaving as it should according to the settings.
Now you have to ask yourself what other local influences might have caused the phenomenon that you observed.
I would not generally rule out a layer 8 problem.

So mp3tag asked you if you were sure, so it did ask for confirmation. You obviously clicked through this the first time. Your windows settings also has the confirmation box unchecked, so there was no check from windows. Dangerous IMO.

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Yeah, but the files should've ended up in my recycling bin like the test I just did today but they're gone!

I even searched the whole C drive for my files by name and I'm getting nothing. It's like they never existed.

I’m pretty sure they are. You may want to try some recovery software if there were a lot, or if any were irreplaceable.

As I mentioned above, Windows won’t move larger files to the recycle bin. There should be a warning for this as well, but I’m not sure if that message remains when it happens through 3rd party software.

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I've tried several recovery programs and they all turned up nothing so I'm never going to use mp3tag ever again. No software should be able to vanish your files like this POS software did.

Now it's time to connect your external backup data drive and restore your precious files.
No need for recovery software, just copy your previously backuped files back to its original place.


I don’t think mp3tag selected the delete command, then also accepted to go ahead to confirm and select yes. Further, it is a Windows limitation regarding the max file size for the recycle bin, not mp3tag.

Sometimes user error happens, you can’t always blame the software that does what you actually told it to do, you even confirmed this. I know there are far more users that would prefer LESS interaction and warnings then what is already there.