MP3tag doesn't support my WAV files

I've used FLAC and it works just fine, WAV is quite similar but it has no support whatsoever, why?

Please have a look at the supported file formats:

It says WAV is a supported audio format and when I try to edit metadata it doesn't work.

... which means: especially as the file format is supported nothing like a valid wav file could be detected.
Please check your file for consistency.

I don't quite get it.

That file may have the file extension "wav" but the format of the file does not comply with the format defined for wav files.
You would have to check the audio part and see what is wrong with the file.
After that has been corrected it will be most likely that you can tag the file with MP3tag.

What does this mean?

Have you checked the file and even better resaved it with an audio editor?

I didn't touch anything, just ripped from the CD. I can upload it if you want to.

So your ripping program produced an invalid wav file.

I understand now. Dankeschön!

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