mp3tag for Mac OS X??

I have mp3tag on my PC because I cannot find a Mac OSX equivalent which means transferring my mp3 purchases between machines because a major dance music retailer has just decided to tag it's mp3's with the APE convention and not ID3's. :angry:

Does anyone know of any software that works with Mac Intels where I can batch edit my files from APE to ID3?

Does this help ?

Mp3tag for macOS or Linux

puddletag, and here's a quick link to help you get it installed on OSX:;t=42&p=231

I ended up using Wine on my Mac which creates a virtual windows partition on the mac's drive allowing the use of windows based software.


you'd do well to try puddletag, it runs natively and its a lot more than just a drop in replacemet for mp3tag on *nix environments

If someone uses mp3Tag in the MAC 10.6., Then it is resolved language code issue?
I Mp3tag the match represented to scribble file names if there is a non-English letters!

    • after convert code page in russian 1251
  1. file not faound - any file by any action the name changes
    • file name in a MAC
    • the same file names in a mp3Tag.
      Similar problems with specific German, Latvian, Russian, etc. letters.

Anybody used Mp3tag to MAC?

AFAIK the Windows file system uses the ISO standard to encode letters. DOS uses ANSI - which needed the codepage to map the characters.
MP3tag uses the functions of the underlying OS to write the filenames. So it should be a problem of the settings of your emulation to get the characters all mixed up.
If you are not quite sure if the filename has illegal characters you could try some filenames with the converter tag-filename and enclose the whole mask in the $validate() function, e.g.

(taken from the help file):
$validate(%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%,_)
perhaps this cuts out the strange characters

O, no - the thing is elsewhere!
The in a MAC OS 10.6.X can see and edit the tags, but can not edit the file names.
If I edit the tag into russian 1251 encode, when they turn into "????" (It was just an example only).
A large part of the various Cyrillic encodes MAC does not see properly only into window, even though it is set to "Windows Cyrillic"! But out of window - Cyrillic encodes folders MAC see property.
It is only MAC and problem.
Mp3tag.exe in the Windows these problems have not.

I see, sorry to have wasted your time. I do not have a Mac ...

If someone meets problems with mp3tag with Wine for Mac OS, I can help.

This topic has about 30'000 views but it lacks one essential information:
Since February 2021 there is an official Mp3tag for Mac version!