MP3Tag no longer in context menu Win11

I saw advice to restart explorer.exe in Task Manager, but I can't find that reference in TM. A restart makes no difference.

A full uninstall /re-install also makes no difference.

This seems to have happened since installing 3.17

see also this thread:

... and please go through the other threads that can be found with "Windows 11 explorer" as search words.

I didn't get any error during installation.

Win11 seems to be causing several issues that weren't present through Win 10 implementations.

Seems there is a positive result in most of these threads.

I've been through everything I can see. I've got nowhere. Still no context menu entry. Other utilities (e.g. Bulk Rename, Filename Copy, 7-Zip) are there, but no longer MP3Tag. Nothing I've tried has made any difference.

FWIW, since this question seems key to the problem in some of those threads, I used WinAeroTweak moths ago to restore the Win11 right-click context menu.

See here:

As I said, I've already recovered the Right-Click context menu. That's not the problem here.

The problem is that MP3Tag does not show in the list.

Can you please try this:

I repeat: I have got the Right-Click context menu working in Win11 just as it was in Win10. This is not the problem.

The problem I have is that MP3Tag does not show in the list of contextual items.

Yes, we read that.
So, apparently, it has to be repeated also: have you carried out the manual registration (which is only to add MP3tag to the right-click menu, not to revive the menu itself)?
Here is a request for posters who ask for support:

So, it would be nice to hear/read what you have done so far and what the result was.

Yes I did the manual registry fix, as per the guidance above. It said it had worked, but still no entry in the context menu. So...

I reverted to 3.16 and that fixed it. I'm going to remain on that version for a while now. I'll skip a few versions.

Thanks for the help.

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Thanks. I had use this today and it worked!

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