Mp3tag v2.35n in Linux

Hi all,

I don't know how many Linux users there are out there, but I figured I would post this information here irregardless. I have been frustrated for a long time about the lack of good tagging utilities under Linux (especially ones that support id3v2.4/UTF-8 encoding), so I was happy when I found this program that not only a) is free of charge, and :sunglasses: has great functionality and is in constant development.

Ok, all gushing aside, here is my configuration that allows me to run Mp3tag v2.35n (yes, the current dev. version) perfectly:

Distro: Gentoo (not that it matters)
Kernel: 2.6.16
Wine version: 0.9.12

Note that my Wine install has been configured using Winetools

The install goes perfectly. When first starting Mp3tag, it will complain about the lack of gdiplus.dll. You need to copy this file from a real Windows installation (should be able to find it in \Windows\system32). After I copied this file over, it started up quickly, and runs perfectly.

Here is a screenshot:

Awesome, thanks!
I'm going to give it a try again.
Do you know if it's possible to see utf and other encodings under wine?
I wonder how to install fonts for wine?

To answer your questions...

Yes you can see UTF and other encodings under wine, if set up properly.

How you install fonts? Use Winetools, at the link I gave above. Follow through the entire configuration dialog, from the top one (base install, windows system, etc). It will download and install all Windows core components, and you can follow through and install all the CoreFonts package, IE6, WMP, etc (not that you'd necessarily need those). It's completely painless, I assure you :slight_smile:

Thanks, I wanted to post about mp3tag & wine 0.9.12 in english forum too, but I've read your post, and saw thats unnecessary because I have the same results and also the same wine, mp3tag & kernel version and distro :smiley:

There are only two things that are not working correctly (for me):
1: Squares instead of cyrrilic characters in mp3tag, although I installed unicode-aware font (winetools + corrected registry a little :slight_smile: ) and it really works for e.g. notepad
2: [FIXED] Not checked entries in checkbox list (to select actions) aren't shown for me, so I selected them via registry key as a workaround.

But IMHO there is still a LOT of work should be done for wine to get full unicode support, so I'm happy that it works at all :slight_smile:


Nice to see another gentoo user here! :slight_smile: I just noticed that I don't get the checks in the checkbox list, so I am unable to select those actions. Can you tell me how you got around this with a 'registry key'??

However, I am not having any problems with UTF-8/16 characters. I have a lot of german, swedish, norwegian and other music and none of the titles are showing improperly for me. Perhaps it's just a problem with cyrillic fonts?

They are stored somewhere in registry as Actions="Action1\vn1\vAction2\vn2\v...ActionN\vnN\v", and n(i) is 1 if it's selected and 0 otherwise. However, I've wrote a small perl script for me (attached), it should work for you too as long as you have wine directory as "$HOME/.wine/".
Run "./ --help" for usage info.

Most likely it is, I have never seen swedish and norwegian characters, but I think they are more similar to latin characters as cyrillic, and in any case much better supported <_<

Edit: The bad thing is that you must restart mp3tag if you want to select other actions, but at least, it works :slight_smile:

action_select.tar.gz (1.31 KB)

Nice, danke sehr!

However, this is a bit of a kludge, I'd like to figure out why we can't see checkboxes. Do you know if they would be part of a particular font package, or how they are rendered?

AFAIK, they are rendered by a system call and do not depend on fonts etc.
I found out, that not checked boxes are rendered if you uncheck a box in options, so I think it's a bug in wine, but it can also be result of handling of this checkbox list in mp3tag or MFC, which is OK for native windows API but can make problems with wine implementation.

I'll look if this bug is reproduceable and known or otherwise report a new bug to wine developers when I get more time.
If you know some other windows application that use such checkbox list, try to run it under wine, I'll do the same, to look if it's only mp3tag thing.

Just for your information: I had a look at the checkbox stuff and found nothing special, hackish or uncommon in the code.

Do you get this with other programs too?

I've found only one program that use this checkbox list so far and it works fine, but it's written in Delphi6, I'll try to find something written using MFC (and maybe use XP-style) as well, to be sure.

Btw. Florian, could you spend a little of your time and write a MFC application with one form and a checkbox list on it? :rolleyes:
IMHO, it would be the best solution because it would test your compiler/IDE/MFC versions. :slight_smile:

I haven't been able to find any program, unfortunately :frowning: Seems 'checkboxes' are rare, most programs seem to use pulldowns menus or the like. I feel bad getting florian to help us out with something seeminly so small, but this program is so close to running perfectly! :smiley:

Any more progress on this guys?

I'm currently busy with university and didn't occupied myself with this problem much, but I found someone who have VS6, I'll ask him for writing a test-app.

Just FYI: I'm on VS2005 with MFC statically linked :slight_smile:

Ok, I still want to test VS6 too, but it would be really great if you would write an app. with a form and checkboxlist for testing VS2005 :rolleyes:
Come on, just 5 minutes to help the community... :wink:

Thanks! I'd help more if I could, but I'm afraid my coding skills are beyond rusty :unsure:

Good news linux folks! :smiley:

This bug was fixed in wine 0.9.18 (see attachment for an amazing screenshot :stuck_out_tongue: )
Tested with Mp3Tag v2.36d on gentoo linux, kernel 2.6.17-gentoo-r4.

nickless :music:

Great news, nickless, I'm going to give it a shot now! :smiley:

I don't think there are lots of screenshots of Mp3Tag running under Wine and XGL, so here is mine: :smiley:

There is a new bug with the checkbox list at least in wine-0.9.31 and wine-0.9.32, checkboxes are displayed, but can not be (un)checked.
wine-0.9.29 works fine