I want to announce that the name of my already introduced list file splitter application has been changed ...
... from "Mp3tagSplitLyricsList" ... to "Mp3tagSplitList" ...
... in order to make the user understand, ...
that this tool can be used for splitting any text file, which uses the proper list file structure.


This software application "Mp3tagSplitList" can be used as a helper tool together with the media tagger application "Mp3tag" from Florian Heidenreich.

"Mp3tagSplitList" has been tested together with "Mp3tag" version 2.51 to 2.53, but it may work together also with earlier or later versions of "Mp3tag", what depends on the given "Mp3tag" features and development.

"Mp3tagSplitList" can split a global text file, which contains an ordered collection of text blocks, which previously has been created by a special Mp3tag report, into several unique text files.
"Mp3tagSplitList" can read and write UTF-16LE, UTF-8, ANSI encoded text files.

The download setup package includes example Mp3tag report scripts, which in the first step creates the global list file from all selected media files.
In the second step "Mp3tagSplitList" splits the global list file into unique text files.
The download installer package includes example Mp3tag Export scripts for splitting ARTIST, GENRE, UNSYNCEDLYRICS related list files.


See also ... article about "Mp3tagSplitLyricsList" ...