MP4 Video File Listed Once for Each Chapter Title

I have encountered something I have never seen before. I have an MP4 video file which has MP4 Nero tags. My problem is that this file appears in the main view on multiple lines, one for each chapter. Each of the chapters has a name which is completely unimportant to me, I would like to tag the entire file to have one title which appears on one line (like all the other good little MP4s I have). If this means that I lose the chapter titles that is fine with me. I thought that removing the tags might resolve the problem, but it did not.

Any ideas?

That is actually a feature added with version 2.84
[2017-08-12] NEW: added support for Nero-style MP4 chapters.
If you want to get rid of nero chapters, you have to re-encode the file, I think.

Thank you! Using your reply I learned that I am able to delete them easily by right-clicking the file and selecting "Strip MP4 chapters".

Again, Florian with the best piece of software ever developed!

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