Multiple albums - Tag sources

Is it possible to pass multiple albums through the Musicbrainz Tag Sources option

if you have multiple albums selected it appears to only see the first album

am i missing some setting option?

see here:

So - files or Albums can only be done one at a time

Thats a very old thread i would have thought this sort of thing would be available by now

Picard can open numerous albums and update the tags etc in one go

Doing it ona at a time in Mp3Tag is not a viable solution would take a long time etc

Thanks for the quick answer

Back to Picard

If you are not satisfied with the age of the thread you could have searched for yourself and you might have found this one:

Another source of information would be the change log:

a simple not possible and not going to happen anytime soon would have have been enough

did not see that one with a quick search - and neither did you for you first post

Time to move on :slight_smile:

For those finding this thanks to Google:
Yes, Picard can open multiple albums, like Mp3tag can open multiple albums.
The significant difference is the possibility from Picard, to loop over multiple opened Albums in one run and search for metadata.

This CAN be a time saver, BUT: If you want to be sure to get the best matching result (release year, number of tracks, Vinyl or CD, release country...), you have to control the data album by album anyway. Exact the same way you do it in Mp3tag.

I don't see a huge time benefit to search metadata for 10 albums at once or search metadata album by album.

if you want to refresh the metadata on 350 albums doing them one by one is not even close to being an option

In my recent situation i needed to do this with albums that had been through picard once before but a long time ago and wanted to refresh them - not from first getting them when a more careful approach is advisable

Not having a simple "Make it so" option in MP3Tag is an unnecessary limitation

In this case you don't need Mp3tag at all. Load them into Picard (again!) and refresh all the tag fields you want to update. If you already have all the MBID's I don't see any reason to use Mp3tag and any web source as you asked in your initial post.

i wanted to try out Mp3Tag and see how it performed using the web sources - but as i have found this is not possible for more than one album at a time.

Having an option to do the same as picard would make mp3tag more useful - but as you cant see its a missing feature then no point debating what should or should not apply to mp3tag.

having a mbz id or not is nothing to do with which app to use or how it could be used thats a users choice - if it was avaiable then i would use it and not use picard at all.