Music files corrupt or unsupported format

I do have a big music collection stored on SSD and HDD mostly in flac format but also in mp3.
The other day I did find out that in some albums 1, 2 or 3 songs are not playable because of unsupported format or corrupt file. I followed the foobar2000 recommendations with no luck.

Can anybody help me how to rebuild the tags, or at least make them playable ?

Rebuilding the tags won't make them playable. You will first have to try to recover them into a playable format, then you can tag them correctly.

Follow the suggestions here for finding and possibly fixing these files.

Thank you MotleyG but I did follow all the hints but I'm unable to convert them into a playable format.

If they cannot be recovered using these suggested tools, then you will have to try from an older backup if you have one, or rip again from the original source if possible. But the tags have nothing to do with the audio portion of the files..

Have you tried the suggested tool MP3Val? This has fixed many bad files that I had over the years.

Ultimately I have to pull out my original CDs to correct a few unrecoverable file errors. But in my case this made sense as I now only use lossless, whereas long ago when storage was at a premium, many of my rips were only at 192kHZ or 256kHz mp3.

Thank you once again for your support :grinning:
It seems I have to pull out my CD's again :upside_down_face:

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