No context menu at Total Commander

Hi! i use totalcommander, and when i use the context menu in select files total it dosen't show the context menu. I added a shorcut of mp3TAG in total but it wont working properly i want open just selected files,but it opens all the files in the folder when i click the shortcut
May u help me?

Maybe you can try this solution mentioned in the Total Commander forum:

also mentioned here:

If this not help, please show us the current - self made - shortcut.

And please have a look at this part of the Mp3tag documentation:

Tanks it works the solution of the TC forum. :blush:

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@LyricsLover by the way this is the shorcut what i have in TC, i been trying to use the command but is not working.

may u help me to work the shorcut

I'm still not sure if you are in the right forum :wink:

You can try it with a Total Commander parameter like this:
(please adjust the 3 path names to your own environment)


You would have to ask the people at Total Commander what Parameter exactly do you have to pass for multiple files or multiple directories or whatever you have selected in Total Commander.
Some hints are available here.

I got the above parameter from here.