Past files that I worked on re-appears when I start new mp3tag

Dear community,

mp3tag has been godsend to my life ever since I came across few years back. It's as good as it gets, except on flaw that I keep come accross; past files (mp3 files) appear when I start a new mp3tag session. Like, those are files that I loaded into mp3tag a year ago, yet they still appear in the session whenever I start a new mp3tag session. It's like a ghost from years ago that keep coming back. I always have to do Ctrl+A then press delete to get them off, but this is so distracting.

How can I turn this off?

I am sure this is something that other people already asked, and probably there is easy solution to this, but I just can't search it.

In its standard configuration, Mp3tag loads whichever directory was loaded in the previous session.

If you want to use another fixed (and possibly empty) directory as a startup directory for Mp3tag, you can configure a favorite directory at "Options > Directories" and enable the "start from this directory" checkbox.

Dear Florian,

THANK YOU!!!!! I never bothered but with your help, I gotta now doate to mp3tag :slight_smile:

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