Problem w Adding Tags to File Name (and Title)

although i have a coupole of other tag edits that i find confusing, THIS one (i thought) should have been simple (even for me)

the task was to add Length and Bitrate to the end of File Name and Title (possibly)

so i thought what i think i did in the past shpould have made this easy

%_filename > %_filename %_bitrate& %_length%

see attached actual attempt

but it simply refuses to do anything at all for either File Name or Title

and i then tried to add %Artist% the same way (as this is related to another fix)- with the same result - nada.

and i cannot see anything at all wrong with syntax - and i have doine it before with a different file set.

so what am i not seeing?

BTW, thank heavens this Forum allows screenshot uploads: it

is just impossibly in most cases w/o that

see here for the correct use of an action of the type "Replace":

so the problem is that i was (again) using Actions when i needed to use Convert (one reason was before i saw an existing such action, but that must have been a previous one that didn't work. i will have to check for those and delete. the prob is that i have all these Actions, and i can't be sure which one don't work, but i can i identify this type.

changing the subject slightly, when checking your reference, i came across (again) your mention of 'How Tos'

the prob is that i had not seen that listed in Manual T0C, and when i checked again, still no mention - so where is this, and why not in the Manual?

thanks & cheers

No, the problem is the action type. If you want to assign new data to a field then use an action of the type "Format value".

The most straight-forward way to rename files would be the converter, in fact. and that is mentioned in the HowTos

and the documentation.

If you insist on an action, the search function in this forum reveals with the search word "rename file" e.g. the following thread:

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