Program hangs on move/copy

Hi Guys,

i'm using v 3.12 and all of a sudden the program hangs when i try to move/ copy a file . i use the buttons in the ribbon panel to do this. any suggestions as to why this all of a sudden started?


There are so many functions

and some of them require parameters.
Could you supply a lot more details? Like which function you use, what you have entered as parameters, what the source and target files look like?

all i'm doing is trying to move/copy a file from one location to anther after i have updated the tag info from the new location. it's a simple move or copy.

the usual interferences are ..
simultaneous access of several programs,
insufficient access rights,
Windows Defender gets nosy and needs an exception for MP3tag.

interesting it been working all along until now. i don't use windows defender.

As this does not happen over here, it is very likely that it is a local problem.
So you would have to find out what has changed in the meantime.
In the picture you seem to write to the root folder of drive e:
I am not quite sure - but it could be that it works if you try to move to a real folder?

i have all my files in the own folders on drive E. i'm trying to move the updated files from c:\music to E:\ (whatever artist) i'm working with. i don't believe you are understanding the issue. Thanks for your insight. nothing on my end has change. it's a smple move from folder to folder using the move button on the ribbon panel.

So this is a function of the OS, not mp3tag. Either the files are locked by some application or the disk is not available. If you have closed out of any possible apps (mp3tag, media players, streaming, upnp, etc.) and still have the issue, try moving after a fresh restart.

y'all just don't get it.. please close this topic. Thank You

Not much not to get from what you have described. You make a tag edit to an audio file in mp3tag, then try to move the containing folder from one location to another without success, or the move is successful but then mp3tag “hangs” afterwards. Is one of these scenarios correct? What is unclear is the steps you may have taken already that others are trying to help with.

incorrect. it's during the move is when it hangs within mp3tag using the move button within the ribbon pannel in mp3tag. if i right click the file and do a move there is no problem so far, so i'll go this route. this only happens when using mp3tag with no other programs running. Thank You

I never had this problem, neither with versions before 3.12 nor with 3.12.
But you could try version 3.12a. There was another problem with handling duplicates during copy and move which was fixed in version 3.12a. Copy and Move have been reimplemented programmatically since this version. Maybe it helps with your problem.

  • FIX: copying or moving files resulted in inconsistent display of data if overwrite or keep both is used. (#56008)

If nothing has changed then MP3tag should be working as before, I would say.