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My music player on my Android ((Vinalage Audio Player) shows in the song details a PUBLISHER and COPYRIGHT field. But in MP3TAG I do not see these fields to edit.

I added the two fields as per another thread and refreshed my library, but the content is blank- no entries.

How do I see/edit it in MP3TAG? I want to bulk edit (I have 15,000+ tracks).

Thank you!

The easiest way would be to find a file that shows the data correctly in the player and then check it in MP3tag with a look at the extended tags dialogue Alt-T.
There you see the field names.
With the field name you can create a column or an object in the tag panel to edit.

I am a bit confused. In Windows 11 File Explorer I can see the tag already in the file. But even if I add the 'tag' in MP3TAG, it is a NEW tag and it does not see the EXISTING TAG. Am I missing to understand something?

What does the extended tags dialogue show Alt-T for such a file?

Please post a screenshot

These two fields are not commonly used in most Android players. Often these players are based on the standard API and only use the traditional fields like Artist, Album, Title, etc.

@ohrenkino had already suggested to find a file with the details that do display correctly, and inspect those in mp3tag for the fields that are being used. Or better yet if your app can edit the tag details, add them there and then look at the file in mp3tag. Did you try that?

I'll check this myself later this morning if there is a free or trial version of the app available.

Hi guys,
Thank you for taking my issue seriously.
Let me reset the issue with details so no one goes down the wrong rabbit hole.
I have attached some screenshots to indicate my words.

  1. Initially, I saw two fields in the song description on my Android music player (Vinylage Audio Player). PUBLISHER and COPYRIGHT. Both of these are useless to me, so I thought I would just delete them from my original files. (Image: M1)
  2. In my Windows 11 File, I can see the two fields in the ‘VIEW DETAILS’ settings. (Image: M2)
  3. In iTunes, these two are also not shown as available in the list of fields. (Image: M3)
  4. I opened my MP3TAG and did not see them listed as the regular fields. I did the ALT-T and added PUBLISHER. But after adding, closing, opening, and refreshing/loading my library, there is NO PUBLISHER field showing for me that I added it. UGH! (Image: M4)
  5. I forgot to screenshot the Alt-T adding part. But it takes almost an hour to load 15,000 files each time- I don’t have the patience to do it again after a few times already :wink:
    If I am doing anything wrong- let me know.
    Thanks very much!

And here is the 4th image as I am restricted as a new member to only 3 uploads

at a time

Actually, the extended tags dialogue is the only one that really has something to do with MP3tag - so really: that is the one that would help.
You don't have to load all the files to show the properties of just a single file. E.g. if you have installed the shell extension, you can right-click on a file and open only that one in MP3tag.
Or open MP3tag and cancel loading all the files and then drag&drop a single file (which has the publisher and copyright) into MP3tag.

Just a note: it could be that your player accesses its own database and gets information from the internet but does not store that in the files.
So, please show the extended tags dialogue of a single file that behaves in the way that you want all the others to behave.

If you add a tagfield in the extended tag view and save the content, the field does not "magically" show up in the file list of Mp3Tag. You have to define a column for the field that you edited in the extended tag view by custominzing the columns or customizing the tag-panel.

You wrote that your files show "Publisher" in the player and windows explorer.
But what about the extended tag view? Did the field not show up before because you write that you added it there? If publisher is in the files already it show up as a tagfield in the extended tag view.

I was able to load the one track with your guidance.

I can see there are MORE categories now. I would like to delete ALL the 'PMEDIA' info, but for

the original issue, the COPYRIGHT and PUBLISHER can be addressed primarily (Image M5).

But when I tried to show the fields in the view part- they are still not showing as available (Image M6)

BTW, even if my player is accessing the internet- these data titles are not relevant- believe it was added by the person who originally ripped the file.

No, you have to create such a column from scratch with the "New" button.

You can filter for all files with the word PMEDIA by typing only PMEDIA into the filter box.
You can then select all the files, open the extended tags dialogue and delete the fields that you do not want anymore.

For your Reply 1- I did create such a column- and after restarting the program and rescanning the database- it was not showing.
For your Reply 2- I highlighted ALL files I typed in the PMEDIA and searched- came up blank. I saw the alternate tags selection and chose both Publisher and Copyright separately to try- and nothing.

I'm flummoxed...

If I may intrude ....
With all due respect MrLargent, your replies are ambiguous. For example:

By "it" do you mean that no heading appeared in Column View? If so you may have skipped the final OK button in the Columns dialog. Without that, your new column settings were cancelled. So please try again.

Or, do you mean that the column header did show but no data showed below it? That probably means there was a typo or an omission in the new column properties.
Either way, please see Help here for details: File List > Editing Columns

Also, there was no need to restart the program and reload the files. Mp3Tag already has all of the tags loaded. But items are not visible (except in Extended Tags) until you create a column or a tag panel box to display them.

You do not need to select files. All currently loaded files will be searched.
When the filter is enabled with F3, all you have to do is to type in the search string and wait. Period. PMEDIA should return fields containing this content.

Do you mean the Extended Tags view (Alt+T)? There is nothing called "alternate tags selection". Or were these from the filter preset lists? And what words (string) did you try to search on? Try COPYWRITE PRESENT or PUBLISHER PRESENT

Sorry if I seem harsh but remember, we can't look over your shoulder. Please study the Help documents carefully to learn the proper nomenclature.

Understood Doug- I will attempt to be more clear. It is important and no offense is taken.

For your first question about 'it' on the Coluim view, the category did show, but the fields are empty for all files/results.

I searched the bottom for PMEDIA and the screenshot shows the results and empty value in the column (for all items it was empty- I scrolled down to check):

As for 'Alternate Tags' I meant 'Alt+T'.

I am stuck trying to figure out how to get the information I see in the file into the main view section where I can display it so I can edit it. I just can't get/understand yet how to add the information into the regualr selection to be an option to select for viewing/sorting.

For the file below- there is a lot of information showing (including THREE Composers) that is simply not in the main edit/view column section.

I have tried going into the 'Add New Column' (Editing Columns) option but I do not know what to put in for the 'Value' or 'Field' sections- or if I need to do the Alt-T step first adding it. I have read the help section on this, but I don't understand the options for entering data well enough to know what to do. (image will be added in next post as limited to 3)

I'm not a software engineer- but I am trying to think like one in this respect as obviously, I am doing some technical configuring of the software. Thank you for your patience.

For adding new columns, Name is what you want to see at the top of the column, such as Copyright or Publisher. The value is important, this needs to be exactly what you called the field that contains this info. Quite possibly this would match the Name but not necessarily in all cases.

Following up on this, I did download this app. As I suspected, it has limited functions when it comes to working with audio files, and the metadata fields. It can show several tags that may already exist in the file, but they cannot be added or modified in the Vinylage app.

The easiest way to learn is to open some of the existing column properties boxes and to observe the settings there. Most of them will be pretty simple. Although formulas can be entered at this point, for now stick with the simplest entries, like this:

Publisher Column Properties

Give that a try. It's getting late so I have to cut this discussion short until tomorrow.

I can see in your screenshots that you besides ID3V1/2.3 you have also APEv2 tags in most of your files.
It is possible that tagfields that don't show up even in the extended tagview are APE tags and if you did not tell MP3Tag to also read APE-tags they will never show up.

So have a look in the options:
File -> Options -> Tags - > MPEG -> Read

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