Re-Reading large databases on startup takes a lot of time

I have a large database of music files, 107586 at last count. When I open Mp3Tag, it reads tag data for a long, long time. I would suggest changing from re-reading the entire database to identifying changes made since the last "save" and updating only those files. There should be a way to establish a change log that identifies changes made in Mp3tag and updates only those on startup, rather than reading the entire database as a completely new file that replaces the existing one. Even having a "refresh" setting initiating a full review on demand or on a periodicity would help.
Love the program, but the time it took me to write this (not a typist), "reading Directory" is less than 1/2 done.
Thanks for your work. Hope this helps.

Enable the library option, mp3tag will load much faster.

See here for a similar request.

Did. Not noticeable effect on a file of this size, which I also have. He has 14000, I have 107K, and I can have dinner while it comes up to operable.

See here for some numbers and times:

Filling the library initially takes as long as reading all the files without the library. From then onwards, reading a lot of known files should be much quicker with the library in use. New files have to be read in full - which is the slowest.
So I think that this function ...

is already implemented.

There were only a few minutes between these two posts, so I doubt that the benefit of the library could have been observed, as this only happens on subsequent reads (the library has to be created first, after enabling the option — more on that here: Library – Mp3tag Documentation).

Please also notice the remark regarding Windows Defender.

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The library needs to be created on the first run, after enabling the feature. This will take some time, especially on larger libraries. But the time saved in the future is well worth the effort.

My library of just over 25k files (a mix of mp3 and lossless hi-res) opens in under 12s every time. Granted your library of over 100k files take longer than this, but nothing unreasonable I would think.

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