Remove / Delete need space between them

I would like to suggest moving apart the "Remove" and "Delete" from context menu [available after right click in main window on a file]

Right now there are next to each other. Which is maybe logical but unsafe at the same time. It is very easy to make a mistake in choosing the right one; and thus not permanently delete file or [worst] make a permanent deletion [instead of only removing it from a loaded list]

I know that if you press the delete key, then only a removing is happening; which can be treated as a workaround. But what if you're not using a keyboard but only a mouse [and from afar]? It's very easy then to make an error and [what is even more horrible] not even know about it [until you'll somehow in the distant future release that some files are missing]

The problem could be dealt with, individually be each user to his / hers likening, if the context menu was configurable

Doesn't anybody else find this as an issue to be dealt with somehow?

Probably the function keeps its dangerousness whereever you put it in the menu.
There are some safeguards:
you get an error message (unless you have not switched it off),
there is an undo function
there is still the waste bin that lets you restore the deleted file...

And you can keep backups, backups, backups ...
No, I don't have a problem with the current context menu.

My solution was a simple one: instead of using the context menu to delete files, I use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Del. It did not take long for me to train myself not to use the context menu for deletions and I find that the shortcut is faster.

The problem with editing the context menu at this point is that veteran users are accustomed to the current arrangement and some would be annoyed if it was changed.

I beg to differ. There is a reason why people do not keep body aerosol antiperspirant right next to a bug spray

It seems that they do not work for me!

I already have had selected "at deleting" and yet I never got any such message. And that is why I have made that post over two years ago [because I was unaware of such settings, as I simply forgot about them once I set them]

Now I have tried with or without "at deleting" and "after delete" and still nothing. While at the same time I get warning for pasting tags and removing them [which I also set some long time ago as, as you called them, safeguards]

All of these are not safeguards for accidental deletion. Those are data retrieval processes

Undo? If I know I have made a mistake I can use it. But how do you differentiate between removing and deletion, if the result in Mp3tag is the same- the are removed from the list? Without reloading of files I will not spot the difference

Rycycle bin? Who checks the recycle bin before emptying it? After a lot of workload it could tens of minutes of additional work, also susceptible to mistakes. I only go to recycle bin if I know I deleted the wrong files

Backups? If I knew what I have accidentally deleted something I would be a machine with a perfectly working scripts for checking data

There is always a possibility of not pushing the CTRL hard enough [and thus only removing with DEL instead of deleting with CTRL + DEL]. Or making an extremely rare stupid mistake [kind like not closing a door to home with a key after leaving it, which happens to me once a decade]

Well yes, a change would affect everyone, so I can see why there would be no change implemented

But a customizable menu would make such and any changes optional

I just tested the setting in
Tools>Options>Messages>when deleting files
(second from the bottom)
and I do get a warning message box whether I really want to move the file to the recycle bin...

I have been using two-part keyboard shortcuts for decades and have never had that happen. A more likely error would be simply selecting the wrong file, but that's what the recycle bin is for.

You should fix your problem with showing confirmation messages on delete, as that is a useful and reliable safeguard. See the attached screen shot of my settings.

Please give the shortcut a try: it's quick, reliable, and easy to learn. And it gives your mouse fingers and wrist a brief break.

If you want this warning message in Windows 10 you have to enable it in the property dialogue of the recycle bin. Mp3Tag is able to override this setting by setting disabling the message-box but it can not activate this warning message, if the system-wide-warning in the recycle bin is not active too.

Personally I do not think that I need this warning message and I also don't have any problems with accidently deleting instead of removing. I sometimes happens the other way round, maybe this is because 99 % of the cases I want to delete instead of remove and most of the time I take the shortcut for deleting and removing and to be always aware that the del-key does only remove does not seem so easy for me.
It is more likely that I marked the wrong files or more files than I wanted to mark for treatment.

That was the problem, thank you

In seems that also in Windows 7 the Recycle Bin also has to have this warning set in motion, in order for Mp3tag to display it [as uninstalling and installing Mp3tag with default settings did not help]

So now I wish there was also a message available for moving files, because the move and copy options are right next to each other: /t/19160/1

But I still would like to see the delete and remove options somehow moved apart

I have turned on the confirmation for deleting; but in the whole system. And it works; in that that I have to problem of automatically hitting the Enter for confirmation [in the wrong situation]. Now my usage is much safer, thanks for the suggestion. I did use confirmation at some point, but I turned them off many years ago

The only problem I have is that I often have to look at dozens of similar pictures and choose the good ones, not to be deleted. And instead of just hitting the Delete button almost constantly and effortlessly, I have to hit a lot of Enters in between; annoying

You're quite welcome, Zerow.

I assume you are using Windows Explorer. What I do is to hold down the Control key and then click on pictures to delete on the current view. Before scrolling down, I choose Delete. That way there is one confirmation dialog for each group selected rather than for each picture. Using Ctrl + click to add items to the selection means that the selection does not have to be contiguous, as is required when using Shift + click to select multiple items.

No, I view my pictures with ACDSee 3.1 aka The Best Version

I just go back and forth between two similar ones and press Delete and then I press quickly Enter. It's like a habit now but somehow I almost never delete what I did not intended too

This is now changed with Mp3tag v3.05e.

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Very nice re-working of the right click menu indeed

Thank you

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