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Not sure whether its a bug or not.

I have created a set of actions to split the entries I got from Discogs into multiple entries. I use it mainly for artists, composers and mainly genres. From discogs i get them comma separated. The delimiter at mp3Tag is the double backslash to seperate the entries. But when use a regex replace action its saved including the delimiter. Let me show a screenshot. This is the result after the regex replace action.

The tag is saved including the double backslash instead of two genre entries. After saving it again via Strg+S it is split into two entries. The most strange thing is. The resave does work only with one or a few selected files. Mark all (Strg+A followed by Strg+S) does not work - maybe because the tag contains mixed entries and shows "keep entry". So, If I want to split the entries of many albums I can use my replace action but have to save the single files (or at least every album) separately.

Any idea?

In my case it would be nice to have the entries split when replacing it, because its saved in this action anyway

If you know by which character you want to split the field, why don't you use an action of the type "Split field by separator" as shortcut anyway?

I agree that this looks a little weird. But it could also be that if you add the separator in an action, you would also need to execute an action of the type "Split field"...
But to be honest:
I could not reproduce it.
I just used Converter>Tag-Tag for TITLE with the following format strings:
$replace(%title%, ,\\)
$regexp(%title%, ,\\\)
and in both cases I got several fields of the type TITLE straight away.

You can reproduce it with a simple replace action.

I knew an additional save was required. What I did not know is the problem with selecting multiple files. I think that's kind of a bug.

Yes, you are right.
So: converter splits the field,
action does not.
Saving several unsplit fields also does not split.

The "split field" seems to work, bit only with one character, if I noticed right. If a set a string as delimiter it's split at any charavcter of the given delimiter. Discogs delivers the genres and styles as a comma followed by a space. Maybe a combination of actions could help.

I'll look into this issue — it's always very exciting to touch these parts that are working as they do since many years. Changing something there, even if it's a fix for a valid bug report, needs a lot of testing.

I just used the "splitting item" to separate two artists by splitting at every " feat. ". What a bad idea.: I got "Puls\r\M\B\nc\ft" .. or sth.. hahaha..

I need this very often becaus all the DJ artists albums with guest singers produce a huge amount of artists in my database which drives me nuts. "DJ foo feat. bar" a thousand times. So I prefer two separate artist tags.

Just to get an impression what I am about to tidy up in my music player

this is the result before I noticed athe "replace effect"


And this ist my mentioned "feat." problem. I need only one "Armin van Buuren". And unfortunately the player on my smartphone can not sort by "albumartist". And If i want to see a list of all track a singer sung, its very useful to split all these " feat. " entries into two artists

On Android, both Poweramp and Gonemad can use AlbumArtist. Poweramp has the ability to split artists by any defined separator.

Great. just installed Poweramp.


This ist my first version of an action set for tags I got from discogs. Removing the artist numbers, copy the artist to albumartist and then separating the genres and styles.

This one can handle splitting at strings containing more than one letter and works without saving again afterwards. thanks for mentioning the splitting feature.

I've fixed this with Mp3tag v3.06f where multiple-fields separators resulting from replace actions should be now correctly expanded into multiple fields.

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Thats great, thanks.

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