Replace artwork with artist name?

HI,Guys i am very new to all of this and have limited knowledge but willing to give anything a go. I have been directed here from the Humax forum. Having purchased a new Humax fvp 5000t,it only reads mp3s from the embedded title. So gives very little information,it does however show the picture/artwork is there anyway to either replace or write over the artwork so i can so i can have the artist's name showing? Thanks for reading.

Before you start to mess with the pictures (as this will not be that easy): which tag fields have you filled? And I mean the embedded metadata, not the filename.

(To be quite honest: I have never heard of a player that shows the pictures just fine but leaves out the other tag data - if at all, it is the other way round: you see the metadata text but not the picture)

If you have filenames that contain the artist and title somehow, it may be possible to fill empty tag fields with that data.

Hi Ohrenkino,thank you for replying. Welcome to the wonderful world of Humax. The fields i always have are Title (this is where it gets its information from) and contributing artist,some have pictures (that's how i know it shows them). I have took on board what you said and have just filled in the following with random numbers and letters (to see if anything showed up,but it didn't) Subtitle,Comments,Album Artist,Album,Year,#,Genre,Publisher,Encoded by,Author,Composers,Conductor. It may be worth saying that it does show the length (of time) at the beginning of the file. Any further clues? Thanks Pete

How do you update the player's display?
If you have a track that shows the title allright, then the questions are:
is this really the contents from the field TITLE? This can be tested when you change the title and then see whether this modification is detected by the player.
The next question is: could it be the filename that is shown? What happens, if you rename the file (a little with e.g. an added underscore)?
Is there a cache or database lingering in the background that needs to be updated?

Then: what kind of files are these? mp3? flac? wav? other?
if mp3: what kind of tag versions do you find in the files? just id3 or APE as well?
Are the file OK? Perhaps it is worthwhile to test them with the tools linked in this thread:

What does the manual say about the features of the player? does it support the file type and tag type that you use?

And coming back to the original idea of overlaying the picture with tag data:

the player is actually a pvr,and is updated over the air,i have no control over the actual display.Its connected to my hifi system,its a great sound thats why its so annoying.Yes it is definatly from the field title not from the filename.Nothing lingering in the background as far as i can see.These are mp3 files just with id3,all files play on other devises fine eg my p.c., sons x box, my old humax (different model) they have changed over the years and humax dont want to know,as they obvoiusly say its not faulty as it is doing what it's meant to do,it just reads it differently. The problem is with the player and not the file's. Hence i wish to try and find a way to alter the picture/art. I could of course buy a new player but its more expence and the sound quality is excellent when played through my system which when purchased was all high end stuff. See my frustration?

This does not say anything about the tags. I'd say it is worth a try to see what a consistency check would reveal.
With regards to modifying the graphics: MP3tag only tags. Any modification of the picture has to be done outside MP3tag, probably with a different tool. You may then import the pictures again with MP3tag.

Will run a check abit later and see how i get on. Thank you for your help.