Replace "The" in filename does not work

well hi i try to do a quick action to replace the word The in all my titles.
action quick
field= title
replace with=THE

when run this action it hangs up and just set there like a log. i have over 19000 files, can you please explain how i can get this now please? Thanks

There are a number of threads of things to watch out for if one treats a lot of files in one go:
Are the files OK?
See here for tools to check them:

Also, it may be worthwhile to treat only those files that really need treatment. So use a filter like
%title% MATCHES "(?-i)The "
Which other programs may block the access?
Are the access rights OK for all files?
Does the freeze happen always with the same file(s)?

thanks you for the input. program freeze up and i tried this on my whole collections of tracks.

And which of the suggestions did you try?
And what was the result?

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i did the filter which seem to work. i like to try this on the _filename but that would undo the artist that have the "the" the in front of the artist.

The filename is not the TITLE.
Replacing in TITLE does not reset anything in the filename.
Neither does the application of a filter.

It would help a lot if you could describe what you (really) do and what the results are.

A unresponsive program seems to be a theme that frequently pops up in your posts, e.g.

So it looks suspiciously like something local and you have not got down to the root cause.
I would assume that nothing in the topic of this current thread is true: your problem has neither to do anything with the quick actions nor with version 3.21.

Thanks for your input.

So,what are you going to do so that you do not have to blame MP3tag again when MP3tag is only the messenger?

use a different program.. and ohrenkino) please don't reply to my questions. i don't care for people who think they're better than others.

That's a good one. Ohrenkino is extremely knowledgable and is a tireless contributor here. He pointed out some misconceptions on your part, coupled with your failure to respond to important questions that he posed. Those failures make it difficult for him (or anyone else) to help you. Can Ohrenkino sometimes get a little testy with problematic posters? Sure, but they usually deserve it.