Resize album art?

Hi all, I spent a considerable amount of time last year fixing up my mp3 collection with this great software, it still took weeks however, as I had to source high quality album art manually. I added high quality album art to all of my music where possible, which at the time seemed like a good idea for future proofing for higher res screens etc. on smartphones and tablets. I was using 800x800 on average for my album art.

Now to my problem, I have a new head unit in the car, it’s a Kenwood DDX-4023BT, now it doesn’t see almost all of the album art which I updated last year, it only seems to see album art which is about 500x500 or lower, which is only one or two albums which were so old no higher quality art was available.

Is there any way with mp3tag I can automate the process of downsizing the current album art on each file and compress them all down to 500x500?

Thank you

not natively you can't. But check this program out.

Thanks very much, I'll give that a try later tonight, it looks promising.

Damn, it does look promising.
I did up to J files in 2 weeks by using manual labor a.k.a extract the cover, resize with photoshop action (so I can save it for web to save space) and put it back again to the file.
Please let me know the result when you already tried the program

Use the action to export your larger artwork first. Least then you have a way to import back again when players increase there artwork capabilities.

No problem at all. Also try and see if your player has filesize issues. So give the online manual for it a quick once over or do some test mp3 files first and try them out.

Just a little extra info. You can run it from the command line. Win+R and paste: sansemp3artsizer /1000/90

The 1000 represents pixel size and the 90 represents the quality of the compression. The program will ask you upon exit if you want to save these settings as a default.

OR right click on the shortcut and add ' /1000/90' with an important space before the '/' to make a path like 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Sanse Mp3 Art Sizer\SanseMp3ArtSizer.exe" /1000/90' (See attached) and modify this if you want to change the setting here.

thanks for tips!
But it will be great if mp3tag can do it natively.

It would be convenient but I doubt that it would be great.
MP3tag is outstanding when it comes to tagging. yet, it does not deal with the audio stream or other complex objects that you find in the files. The picture is one of them.
Adobe, e.g. sells Photoshop for a lot of bucks. So you can see what kind of features would be in the context of a graphics editor.
I would advise you to explore the possibilities to export covers, treat them with a commandline capable tool and then re-import them.
That would then be as closely to "native" as it could be.

ok, then maybe anybody knows any tools like Sanse Mp3 Art Sizer which can recieve file folder via cli?

IrfanView is a nice all-rounder tool. (227 KB)

... and/or ...
convert.exe ... from
e. g.
Set image to fix bytesize and to fix pixelwidth.
convert.exe -define jpeg:extent=20kb -resize 200 in.jpg out.jpg

DD.20150125.1931.CET (227 KB)

The current link is:

Hello !

Topic resurrection, and my solution : 2 years after, i have the same problem, my audio system car doesn't read covers oversized 500x500 pixels ... and i have 5000 mp3 to update !

My covers are all in each album folder with name 'cover.jpg', and many many are with large size, over 500x500px. I want to integrate this cover in each mp3 track, resized to 500x500 px.

First step : convert all cover.jpg.

I use program XnConvert. It's same Xnview developper, and you find it here.

  • i add my general folder with all my albums : all image files shows up.
  • i keep only cover.jpg
  • add a resize filter : 500x500 with same ratio
  • folder output : same, with name cover500.jpg
    Launch process, and it' ok : i have in each album folder a new file cover500.jpg.

Second step : integrate cover500.jpg in each mp3 track

I use MP3TAG.

Create a dedicated action

  • Menu Action > Action > New, name it "cover500"
  • New, select "Import cover from file", name files "cover500.jpg", put in "front cover"
  • ok, ok and close.

Add my racine folder with all my albums

  • all tracks shows up
  • select all
  • menu "Action" and select "Cover500"
    And that's ok ! All cover500.jpg are integrated in each MP3 track, with the right picture in each subfolder album !

That's all. Long to explain.
But i only need 5mn to proceed all my files ... magical !

I created an account here purely to thank you for posting this walkthrough. I noticed my DAP was slow switching between tracks that have large artwork and this saved me a lot of headache in figuring this out. THANKS!

Starting with Mp3tag v3.00, you can resize embedded cover art with Mp3tag using an action of type Adjust cover.

Since v3.01, this functionality is also available from the right-click menu of the cover window.


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