Share your custom Actions

Just wondering if anyone has any handy custom actions they created for mp3tag. I'm instrested in looking in ways to clean up my mp3 files.

Please share.

I've created one action to rename track in the format of 0n like from 1 to 01, 2 to 02 and so on. But I'm in my office right now. I'll bring it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

A "format values" action applied to the TRACK field with the following format string should do what you said: $num(%track%,2). :slight_smile:

A very easy one, huh? :rolleyes:

The only one I got is to turn all double and triple empty spaces into a single space.


Sebastion -

The only problem with that approach is that if the track is blank, you will end up wth ' 00 '.

Instead of only selecting those tracks that require formatting, I came up with this approach:

Type: Format Value
Field: TRACK

This way, the TRACK value is only formatted if it is greater than zero.

thanks for that useful info.

but well, anyway I only do this action on selected mp3s that comes with track no. :slight_smile:

p/s: sorry, forgot that i cannot post in bold, :sunglasses:

If that is the case, then you are correct, this is not necessary.

I have a set up actions that I run when I first load up a batch of 'dirty' files that have yet to be updated to the standard that I use. With this action, I can run it blind on tracks and not worry about ending up with 00 track numbers.

Here are some standard actions (attached) to replace common HTML 4.0 entities (specifically: ', ", &, <, >, , and ©).

Don't overwrite your Standard.mta file (in the Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions directory) if you've added custom actions already! You will lose your custom actions. Instead, open up my Standard.mta file, copy actions #7 to #20, and paste them into your Standard.mta file (renumbering them if you have to).


Standard.mta (883 Bytes)

Thanks for this. Is it possible to add something like 01/12 if album have 12 tracks.

You can always use the track-numbering wizard for that. :rolleyes:


Here's one.

It uses a string you put in the comment field to sort selected files, and renames the selected files according to what's in the title field. The format for this string is:

genre/subgenre/cd type/disc number

For example: "jazz/bop/1/1" means genre: jazz, subgenre: Bebop, cd type: regular (not a compilation), disc: 1. Running the action would place the selected files in:

\Jazz-=Bebop & Cool=-\artist\album\Disc nr.\track + title.mp3

I made it because my MP3 player doesn't allow me to scroll through long lists easily; using subgenres considerably shorten such lists.

I've another one custom action to trim extra spaces in the end of every field.

For example, you might notice after you apply the Tag -> Filename action, it ends up with something like this.. True Blue - Madonna - Papa Don't Preach .mp3 though you expect it to be True Blue - Madonna - Papa Don't Preach.mp3

So, this is due to the fact that there are some extra spaces after "True Blue", "Madonna" & "Papa Don't Preach" though it appears normal.

So, I use regular expression method to remove the extra spaces.

The regular expression is "\s$" replace it with nothing -"".

I hope that helps. Maybe it can be modified to trim unnecessary spaces on the front-side too.. :slight_smile:

That's already written in the FAQ :slight_smile:

I've created actions for translit-detranslit conversion for russian characters.
See attachment. (1.31 KB)

I've created the action to convert to translit cyrillic filenames. Attached...

filename2translit.mta (3.21 KB)

I just made a bunch of action groups, some derived from ones already available but almost all have some little change to make things more exact (at least for my collection).

  • Trim Trailing/Preceding/Extra Space
  • Spacing…(Proper, Amount)
  • Title Case (It’s a Smart Conversion)
  • Namings (O’Brian, McCarthy, MacDonald)
  • DJ, vs., MC, EP, CD, XVI. (Upper Case)
  • Contraction- Add Apostrophe’s (Can’t, let’s)

Download All (zip)

All of them are explained at my webpage

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One that I run on my whole MP3 library to standardise them...

  • Keeps all the fields I want and deletes the others

  • Import cover art from file path (folder.jpg)

  • Add comment ("EAC/LAME ~VBR 0")

  • Adds the appropriate disc number (1/1, 1/2, 2/2)

These next ones are a case conversion using '%caps2(string...)' found here:

  • Advanced case conversion on the _FileName field
  • Advanced case conversion on the Title field
  • Advanced case conversion on the Artist field
  • Advanced case conversion on the Album field
  • Advanced case conversion on the Comment field

These next ones help iTunes with sorting

  • Adds the year of album to ALBUMSORTER field
  • Adds the disc number/track number to TITLESORTER field
    (ie: 1/1/1/10; which means - disc one of one, track one of ten)
  • Adds the Artist to PERFORMERSORTER field minus the "The "
    (ie: 'The Beatles' becomes 'Beatles')

All in one simply button.
Then I just make other actions for more specific needs.

(File can be opened in Notepad.exe to view
or can be copied to: "Documents and Settings~USER~\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions"
[where '~USER~' is, put your user's name])

Standardize.mta (785 Bytes)

One I just discovered now...

If you want both iTunes and your iPod to play an album gaplessly, try this:

Action - Format Value
Format String - 1