Shell Extension install fails. "provisioning sparse package failed" 3.20b-x64 Win 11



This error during install began with 3.20a-x64 on Windows 11 22H2.

The context menu fails to install. Same result with 3.20b.

It's installed in the default C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe

I've tried the usual clean install, rebooted, no change.

not sure what to do next, so any help appreciated!

regards, Peter.

Looks to me like you installed a 64-bit version over a 32-bit version.
Did you follow the notes when installing a 64-bit version?

I've been using the x64 version since its release, and yes, I have read the notes.

Please also have a look at:

The manual registration was a solution, appreciate your help @ohrenkino

As an aside, my first search on the forum was "Staging Sparse Package failed" which failed to return any results, and now does. Weird.

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