show LAME Encoder settings

Is there any way to show the LAME mp3 encoder settings? Like V2, V0, alt-preset-standard...

I know there's a field called ENCODERSETTINGS, but it's a tag info file, meaning that if there is no such tag present, mp3tag won't read the encoder settings from the LAME header like for instance foobar2000 does

if it's not yet possible, I'd like this feature to be added in future releases

Is there any way to show the LAME mp3 encoder settings?

None I know of.

if it's not yet possible, I'd like this feature to be added in future releases

Sorry, but I vote against. Mp3tag has its work cut out just dealing with tags. It should not get into reading the audio or its properties.

I vote FOR. This would be a useful feature to compare two tracks with the same artist and title. I was looking for this sort of functionality today, as a matter of fact.

In general I use the following set of parameters with LAME encoder ...
--priority 2
--alt-preset extreme
--resample 44.1
-q 0
--pad-id3v2-size 128
--tt "any title"
--tc "any comment"
--disptime 5

When I hexview such an encoded mp3 file, I am not able to detect any of these parameters and their values from the mp3 binary code, I guess it is basically impossible.

Mp3tag's main task is to deal with tags and not analyzing resp. re-ingeneering encoding parameters.

My Vote: -1


There is a mp3 info tag which can be parsed without audio decoding of course.
A tool that reads it:

lame.exe also writes information to it.
foobar2000 reads it, too.

I vote +1

I name albums like this : ARTIST - YEAR - ALBUM (PRESET)

I&I also vote for this option, it will be very useful for me in export template to tracker, because now i must manually add this information :frowning:

Ahh heres the post I was looking for. I earlier responded to a post which was last responded to in 2008. It seems theres an updated version on this page. So according to this thread it looks this enhancement never was implemented four years on.

I am strongly in favour of having this feature on MP3tag. I have a huge collection of music and I am eager to know the type of encoder each MP3 that was originally used/converted before acquiring these Mp3's rather than individually running Spectral Analysers? My intention is not to edit codec information, but rather to view it.

Currently when I choose the "Codec" column I get this:

[MPEG 1 Layer III] - this does not tell me whether the file was converted using Lame or other?

The only applicaton that I know of that shows these tags is dbPoweramp, however Im having to hover my mouse over the file to discover the encoder information (e.g. FhG, Lame 3.99r etc...) Surely there must be a quicker way.

I even tried field called ENCODERSETTINGS. I see nothing at all, nor do I see any of my 200 mp3's that I have converted into LAME in the last month.

I came across an application which looks to do the job, (software is called "Mr Questionman"), however it takes an hour to load up my entire playlist of 5000 + songs, so I uninstalled it immediately.

I would for vote for having the ability to add columns or view encoder settings like LAME quality (e.g., v0).

With this capability I could identify mp3s that are lower quality, needing re-encoding or replacement.

Also, to be complete probably need add similar capability for Fraunhofer and Itunes encoders.

I tried to view encoder settings in Mp3tag myself today (unsuccessfully) and found this thread.
I too use dBPowerAmp and foobar2000, both of which are able to show encoder settings.

+1 For being able to compare quality between 2 similar tracks.

-1 If it adds a significant amount of time when loading large numbers of files.

Did anything ever become of this?

+1 Would really like to see Mp3tag support this. It would save me so much time.