Skip the warn window to preserve the existing covers

I use the stevehero mod to tag my music files from Beatport. If a cover is incrusted into the files before rename them, always a warn window ask if you want preserve the old covers. I always must click "no" to delete these and incrusting the new one...

Are there some way to skip this warning window and owerwriting the covers directly without click any confirmation button??

P.D. Sorry a lot for my poor english :frowning:

See menu File>Options>Messages and disable those that you do not need, e.g. the one for altering tags or those for the actions.

I already had tried to do it unchecking all these options before but the confirm window to preserve the covers continues appearing anyhow.

Thanks a lot for the answer anyway!! Some another idea??

There is currently no way of disabling this message.

Kind regards

Oke. I think that it will be a good idea skip this advice in the future.

Thanks a lot for the support!

I've added a way to disable the message with Mp3tag v3.12c.

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