Space as first caracter in path will be deleted during rename

I have updated to 3.19 64bit, coming from 2.99a. One of my mp3 folder path is "d:\mp3\verschiebene a-z\ top xxx\top100\2023.02.27". The " top xxx" has a space in front to get it on top in explorer. After renaming all files in 2023.02.27, this folder is empty, the result was created in a new path ...\top100\2023-02 without space.
I thought it is deleted and have tried it again, but with the errormessage I found the bug:
Screenshot 2023-03-05 165830
It is the same in 32bit.


This seems not to be a bug, just to prevent an invalid folder name on Windows (since Mp3tag v3.11f):

See also here:

Additional Microsoft source:

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