Error renaming files

Good morning, after the last update i have this problem:
All my files are under a directory with this schema : " - 1992\name artist\album"
before the update when i rename the files I don't have any problem.
Now when i rename a file is created a new directory without the space before the "-" and all the subdirectory..
Is only my system affected or other persona have a same problerm?
I using with same problems windows 7 and windows 10.
Grazie From Italy

You would have to tell us

  • the function with which you rename the files,
  • the naming pattern that you use,
  • the contents of the referenced fields of the files where you experience the behaviour.

No and Yes:


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This is a wanted behaviour according to the OS-specs.

But MP3Tag has not changed this consistently everywhere.

If you use the converter Tag-> Tag or an action of the type "Format Value" for _DIRECTORY, white-space is still written.

This should be now fixed with Mp3tag v3.11f.

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